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  1. ... take 20 quarters and flip them over.

    If I took all heads, then after flipping them, I had 20 tails in the pile of 20 and 20 tails in the "infinite" pile.

    If I took for example 12 heads and 8 tails, then there was 12 tails left in the "infinite" pile and after flipping the 20 quarters I took, I had 12 tails in the small pile too.
  2. The shortest way from A to B is a bit more than 5,84 units (red line in the left picture).

    From B to A the ant travels by the diagonal of an imaginary plane between lines ef and ab (folded a bit at the line cd) - yellow line in the right picture. Should be some 5,49 units or so. Maybe. :unsure:


    Sorry for my English.

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  3. At first the friends give a number 0, 1 and 2 to the restaurants (for example A=0, B=1, C=2), then they decide an exact time (for example 72 hours before they have to meet ). Now everyone chooses an integer and at this time they send their number to their friends (it has to be done at the exact time to avoid cheating). Once every friend has these three numbers, they add them up and divide the sum by 3. If the remainder is 0, they go to restaurant A, if the remainder is 1, they go to restaurant B, if 2, then the restaurant will be C.

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