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  1. Lucy - Vampire Sane Minna - Human Sane Lucy's statement - We are both insane - this is false (since both are sane) Minna's statement - Of course not - this is true Hope i m clear.. Ans: Lucy - Vampire This can also be lucy - Vampire insane ; Minna- Human insane.. anyhow Lucy- vampire
  2. Not sure!!!! Take away all the glassess first (since i have to use it only once). Let me have the glassess as g1,g2,g3,g4 pour one quater the amount of g2 to g1 say g1+g2/4 same half and three fourth of 3rd and 4th respectively so the first glass will now have g1+g2/4+g3/2+g3*3/4 (Assuming we are able to measure g2/4 , g3/2 or g3*3/4) now weigh that glass if the weight gonna be CASE 1 :(A+X)+A/4+A/2+3A/4 then g1 is poisoned CASE 2: A+(A+X)/4+A/2+3A/4 then g2 is poisoned CASE 3 : A+A/4+(A+X)/2+3A/4 then g3 is poisoned CASE 4: A+A/4+A/2+3(A+X)/4 then g4 is poisoned
  3. Judge Q:: how will u die?? Answer:: by execution..
  4. It's the numbers 0 through 10 in alphabetical order.
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