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  1. Many thanks for the "spoiler tags"...I'm still trying to figure this place out. Funny I can solve a puzzle but not how to work a web site! And I can't tell you how ecstatic I am that I actually had the correct answer! When it first came out I worked on it for such a long time that I finally had to stop because my eyes were twitching from the strain. Superb puzzle and I can't wait to find another like it!
  2. I just wanted to say to all you puzzle solvers on this post that I am sincerely sorry if I ruined the fun for blurting out what I thought was the answer. I was so thrilled to think I had solved it, that I didn't think about that possibility. I tried to erase it, but it will no longer let me edit that post. Again, very sorry if that was the answer, but crack on fellow puzzlers! My hat off to you! EDIT: no worries, thanks for your concern - added the spoiler tags above - welcome to the Den Chronic. - plainglazed
  3. I hope that's it because I've tried to solve this one for a looooooong time. if not, hey i tried. I like the quote though.