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  1. It's a trap!

    Hmm, I misread the teaser thinking it was 12 letters,
  2. The Nation of Zox

  3. Bizzare phone

    This is one , didn't look for any others.
  4. Trying to solve this...

    Looks a bit like braille, but not quite right, and don't know what the colors have to do with it. But no I can't solve it yet.
  5. A sudoku-like number puzzle game - Towers

    I liked that puzzle, got it, but did take me a bit longer than Yodell.
  6. Phone Keypad-Letter Puzzle

    I can't think of anything using 79226, but can make Macys backwards, (62297). Maybe we could help more if we know more about this scavenger hunt or saw some previous clues.