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  1. Hosts: flamebirde and Thalia

    Supervisor: MiKi

    2. EDM

    3. MikeD - voting for Brainy

    4. gvg

    5. Brainy - voting for MikeD

    7. mboon - voting for MikeD

    8. marksmanjay - voting for Brainy

    9. psykomakia - voting for marksmanjay


    10. Yodell- Turned to stone by The White Witch - N1

    6. TheCube- killed on D1- revealed to be Susan Pevensie

    1. mewminator- Turned to stone by The White Witch - N2

  2. Jay was going for a walk in the snow. Progress was slow but he had almost reached his destination. At that moment, a wolf appeared in front of him.

    "Well, what have we here?"

    ". . . " Jay found himself unable to speak.

    "You know, I hate Narnians. Always getting in the way. I'd love to dispose of you myself but the Queen just said to keep you out of the way." Maugrim growled. "So. . ."

    marksmanjay tried to run but Maugrim picked him up and flung him off into the river. The ice cracked as marksmanjay hit the surface and went through. marksmanjay would be spending the rest of the night getting out and trying to get dried off/warmed up.

    So that means my action got blocked, right?

    I'm guessing it was random because I haven't really contributed anything at this point.

    Or the baddies think I'm keeping quiet for a reason. I think it's this one, but I myself don't know what reason... :P

    Or they know or think I have some night action that might interfere with there kills or stuff, like save.

  3. Still a kid, but:

    English - Good vocabulary, great (not to brag) grammar/spelling checker

    Math - I do math higher than my current grade. :P

    Computer - Basic programming skills using Python, quick to figure out ones like Lua, but unfortunately no experience with C/C++/etc. Also basic web design (HTML/CSS/JS)

  4. Sometimes people jump to conclusions, and my sense of humor can be taken the wrong way...particularly in a forum format where they can't see my Cheshire cat who ate the canary grin ;P.

    "There's more to heaven and earth...

    ...and Y-san's puzzles...

    ...than dreamt of in your philosophy"

    YESSS SHAKESPEARE! (and white text ftw)

  5. This is the current plan for the game. Anyone have any last comments, suggestions, etc?

    Goodies (WinCon: Eliminate Baddies)

    Lucy Pevensie- save

    Susan Pevensie- redirect

    Peter Pevensie- RID kill

    Aslan- indy RID Recruit, bodyguard, broadcast

    Mr. Tumnus- vote manip

    The Beavers- spy

    Baddies- Have BTSC and Night Kill (WinCon: Majority)

    The White Witch- NK carrier

    Ginnarbrick- redirect

    Maugrim- block

    Indy (WinCon: RID kill the player responsible for killing first dead sibling. If that is not possible, survive until goodies or baddies win.)

    Edmund Pevensie- RID kill, can trade for night or day immunity or spy; if recruited, RID kill becomes block, no immunity

    OOA/OOP: RID Kill>RID Kill>>RID Recruit>>NK>>Redirect>Redirect>Block (if recruited)>Block>>Save>>Spy

    >> means it happens in that order regardless of who targets who. RID kills>>recruit>>NK>>redirects/blocks>>save>>spy.

    > means it happens at the same time. RID kills happen together and redirects/blocks happen together.


    1. In the event that the White Witch dies, the NK will pass to Maugrim, then Ginarrbrik.

    2. The NK is not blocking.

    3. The following will appear in the night post only if successful: RID Kills, NKs, Blocks, and Saves. Redirects and Spies will not appear regardless of success or failure.

    4. Redirected players will be informed that they have been redirected but will not be told to whom they were redirected.

    5. If Edmund is targeted for the NK, Aslan will die in his place (bodyguard) and Aslan's role will be revealed. Edmund will become a goodie. Edmund cannot die in the next cycle.

    6. Edmund will be notified if recruited. Edmund's recruit will be publicly declared in the night post.

    7. Aslan's broadcast ability may be used once per cycle in either the day or night post. A 250 character limit will be enforced.

    8. If the first of Edmund's siblings is lynched (as opposed to NKed), the first player to vote for the sibling will be held accountable for said sibling's death.

    What's an NK?

  6. Welcome to the Den marksmanjay! Do you have a nickname you would prefer to go by?

    @All- One more player. I'm going to do this a little differently than normal. Once we get the last player, I'm going to send out a group PM to everyone signed up to make sure you're all still here. I haven't seen a couple of you around here lately so this is my attempt at preventing mass inactivity. Once it is confirmed that we have enough players, I will send out the roles.

    I don't really have one. Some people call me mark, or jay. I kinda prefer jay.

    Also, I have a few friends who like logic, puzzles, and mafia, so I'll probably show them this site and the mafia forum.

  7. Hosts: Thalia and flamebirde with MiKi supervising

    Please include time zones if you don't mind.


    1. mewminator (only if mafia starts june 14 or later)

    2. Cavenglok EDT

    3. MikeD GMT+3

    4. gvg EDT

    5. Brainy EDT

    6. TheCube EDT

    7. mboon CST (GMT -6)

    8. marksmanjay EDT


    10. yodell GMT+2 (EEST)


    1. tolecnal EDT? Please confirm.




    1. Aaryan EDT

    2. MiKi CDT

    3. Hidden G GMT +3 (daylight saving )




    Count me in! lol I signed up on Brainden forums just for mafia!

    EDIT: forgot to include the backups and mentors spoiler

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