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  1. So here's how this will work.

    I will post a short (4ish letters) word, and the next person must change exactly 1 letter from that word to make a new one. For example:







    So let's start!


  2. Interesting













    Cannot start with the letter "I"?

    Edit: wait, that doesn't work for "Rule". Never mind.

  3. The guttersnipe was playing with Cryptoxanthin when his doppelganger came up with a pseudonym for the endoplasmic reticulum.


    Black-body radiation, intranet, whomever, meese (or moose if you really really have to...)

    Good luck! :P

  4. No point in voting D1, better not kill a goodie.

    Edit: Well, that was quite quick Flame. Here, let's put some pressure on. If nothing else, at least we might end up with bloodless day.

    Principals: Auramyna & Brainiac100

    1. Flamebirde- dyalDragon

    2. nana77
    3. Kikacat123
    4. vcvcvc12
    5. TheCube
    6. dyalDragon
    8. marksmanjay - voting for Flame
    9. Panther
    10. Yodell
    11. lahiem


    7. akaslickster- Incapacitated N1 by Chorus

  5. Cube, b4 waistin' anyone.. u better find out who they are ;)

    Sounds like you have a role spy... who, me or cube ? :D

    Edit: How come almost all my posts are on a new page?!

    Edit: 100 Posts! :P

    Congrats on the 100th post ;)

    You. You seem to be suggesting that you can help find out who they are.

  6. At the same time as the blowing of the breeze of low temperature and high acidity, the combination of rock-like substances in the atmosphere forced the ugly odorous creatures toward the star Sol. Gusts of mixed food also moved in the air around the pair of us, exciting and drawing us in with original power and destruction. It did so for a span of 86 400 000 000 000 nanoseconds.

  7. So updated roster is:

    TMM Mafia XII: High School Club Mafia
    Principals: Auramyna & Brainiac100

    1. Flamebirde
    2. nana77
    3. Kikacat123
    4. vcvcvc12
    5. TheCube
    6. dyalDragon
    7. Minato
    8. marksmanjay
    9. araver
    10. Yodell
    11. lahiem


    1. Panther

    2. Plasmid

  8. To clarify the RID steal. It means Role Identification steal so if they can identify the player's role, they steal their action. E.g - RID Steal plasmid as debate club. If I am right then what happens is plasmid's action (trap) is blocked by my rid steal. So he appears in the night post (NP) as RID stolen from (which is the same as being blocked). Then I have a trap in my arsenal that I can use on any later date (not the same night I stole).

    If you correctly steal from someone who has a day action, they appear as blocked for the night but you still gain their action (e.g - vote manip).

    I will expand on the rules and guidelines when we make the new thread for the game. Also, there is no limit to how many questions you can ask. Hosts run their games differently so there is no shame in asking multiple questions to clarify things. :)

    Not to nitpick, but debate club is Yes or No question, and Prom Committee is trap... :P

  9. A few things.

    1. Panther is right, it was him, not Slick, that said he had all 4. He gave them to me after I posted that message. Here are the updated standings:

    Flamebirde - $0
    Slick - $0
    Kikacat123 - $75
    Panther - $25

    2. Kikacat, that is a good idea. All following minigames will start at least 24 hours after the original instructions. Times will be posted.

    3. I am having internet issues at the moment, so Minigame II will be delayed until further notice.

  10. The game has concluded! But I have a small problem.

    Kikacat and Slick both found all 4 combos. According to the time that their PMs were sent, Kikacat found them after Slick. The problem is, Kikacat gave the list of all 4 to me, but Slick gave them one at a time, and only was able to give 1 before the game ended.

    Since Slick only said that he had all 4, but didn't give me all 4 (at least not before Kikacat), I will declare Kikacat the winner. However, I will take $25 out of Kikacat's winnings and award them to Slick as a consolation. Slick, it's not that I don't trust you, but unfortunately you had no solid proof.

    Flamebirde - $0

    Slick - $25
    Kikacat123 - $75
    Panther - $0

    Minigame II will start shortly.

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