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  1. As I gazed upon the puppy, I was visited by a memory of the pet shop down the road where I met Death (It turns out he really likes chihuahuas!).

    Poor chihuahuas...

  2. We should have continued, but since there's already been a decent amount of new words, we'll just deduct a point from brainy and keep going from flaky. (hey that somewhat rhymes... )
    Kikacat123: -1
    Brainiac100: -1

    err, can't think of one for flaky... you stumped up BMAD. :P

  3. Oh! Shake has been said before!


    So that means:

    Kikacat123: -1

    Now, we start from the one before, which in this case was stake; so:


  4. So someone start again .. this time with 5-letter-word... :D


    ...if that's ok ;)

    yeah sure! you guys should make the rules as we go along. I was just trying to start something up.

  5. Wait. Sorry, I made a mistake. The more complicated cipher is the outer layer, the easy one is the inner layer. In other words, the plaintext was encrypted first with a simple cipher, then the more complicated one. So you have to get that one first... Good luck!

    The outer cipher is a type of transposition cipher.

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