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  1. Sounds awesome, Y-San! Three questions though:

    1. For Ares's ability, does the player whose vote he redirected know? Does everyone else know?

    2. For Martian Manhunter's second ability, does he only know what players acted, or does he also know what they did? Also, how are redirects/manipulatations handled? For example, say A redirected B's action to C, and Martian Manhunter spied on C. Does he know anything about A? Ate there any actions that he will not know about? Such as information roles (like Black Canary's echolocation)?

    3. As I understand, Felix Faust's ability is to either RID manipulate a dead player, or to ask whether any one player is Man or Magic. Did I understand that correctly?


    P.S. Sorry, I can't use color, I'm on a phone

  2. Roster:

    Host (Asylum warden): Kikacat123

    1. bonanova

    2. Flamebirde

    3. plasmid

    4. araver

    5. Marksmanjay










    Sounds fun! I will see if I can get some of my RL friends onto Brainden!

  3. Minigame III: Fireflies (3v1)
    The game is played on a 5x5 grid over 4 turns. The Fireflies (the 3) are trying to light the fire in the fireplace, controlled by Solo. Solo places the fireplace somewhere each turn, and must then announce in the thread either the row or column that the fireplace is in. The fireflies then try to guess where the fireplace is, by pm-ing me a coordinate (Note: for the purpose of this game, row is the first number, column is the second). Two fireflies are needed to light the fire (i.e. 2 fireflies must land on the fire on the same turn). But, the fireplace CANNOT be placed in the same row or column that was announced in any subsequent turns. If the fire isn't lit by the end of the 4 turns, Solo wins. If the fire is lit at any point in the game, the game ends, and the Fireflies win. The Fireflies CANNOT have any sort of strategic discussion, either through PM or on the main thread.
    Sorry if this isn't clear, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Also, if you feel that it is imbalanced for whatever reason, please tell me (maybe the size of the grid or number of turns?). I know that my previous two were too easy.
    This game will probably start a bit later, I still have to figure out balancing, and school starts tomorrow, so... yeah. I'll aim for Sept. 11.
  4. Flamebirde got it! His partner was Slick. The message was:

    "The omniscient lemur anticipates relentless change on Tuesday."

    Panther's partner was Kikacat. Their message was:

    "The communist vulture senses inevitible dissonance."

    Good job to Flamebirde and Slick.!

    Kikacat, when sending a PM, there is a box called CC, which will send it to those people to.

    Flame, in every game, one person has a secret objective. This time, Kikacat had it. She had to "figure out some part of both messages." The other players had to try to guess who had the objective and what it was. If she accomplished it without anyone guessing, she receives $200. If anyone guesses correctly, they receive the $200 instead. It's all in the OP :) .


    Flamebirde - $75
    Slick - $75
    Kikacat123 - $75
    Panther - $25

    Minigame 3 will be up shortly.

  5. A couple announcements:

    1. IMPORTANT: I've decided to change it so that the receiver can only decode their own message, the other person's. (The receivers know who their partners are.)

    2. This game is meant to last longer than the previous one, possibly up to a couple days.

    3. A strategy for the message writers: Try to figure out who your partner is, so that you can give them a hint (or more than a hint) on what the message is. PMing is allowed, but please cc me. Be careful though, the other person might not be your partner at all!

    4. Remember, the secret objective is the most important part of this!

    Good luck!

  6. Minigame II: Code Caper (2v2)

    Post the message that was PMed to you on this thread using any of the listed ciphers, and your unknown partner must decipher it before the enemy team does. Whichever team decodes EITHER message first wins.

    Allowed Ciphers:

    - Any decently common non-random substitution cipher, including the (Caesarian) Shift Cipher or Atbash

    - Columnar Transposition

    - Rail Fence Cipher

    Descriptions and instructions for these ciphers can be found on this website: http://rumkin.com/tools/cipher/

    You may use the encoders on the website, but please do not use the decoders.

    This minigame will start at 3:00pm EST(-5) on August 28.

  7. Host: Molly Mae

    1. Flamebirde - 2013
    2. MikeD - 2013
    3. DyalDragon
    4. Kikacat123 - 2013
    5. Marksmanjay - 2013
    7. Barcallica - 2013
    8. Brainiac100
    9. The Cube - 2013
    10. araver - 2013
    12. dee_tot - 2013
    13. TwoaDay
    15.Magic - 2013
    16. Hirkala
    17. Panther - 2013
    18. Bmad - 2013
    19. mboon

    Just 3 more people?

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