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  1. Dr. Fate: Y-san Roster: 1) Phil1882 2) Nana77 3) bonanova 4) tolecnal 5) 6) flamebirde 7) onetruth 8) dee_tot 9) plasmid 10) TwoaDay 11) 12) Kikacat123 13) Araver27182818284 14) 15) Barca Back-ups: 1) 2) So sorry, my current schedule doesn't agree with brainden mafia. Might return later.
  2. Dr. Fate: Y-san Roster: 1) Phil1882 2) Nana77 3) bonanova 4) 5) marksmanjay 6) 7) onetruth 8) dee_tot 9) plasmid 10) 11) 12) Kikacat123 13) Araver27182818284 14) 15) Barca Back-ups: 1) 2)
  3. 1. Flamebirde - 2014 2. MikeD - 2013 3. DyalDragon - 2012 4. Kikacat123 - 2013 5. Marksmanjay - 2014 6. bonanova - 2014 7. Barcallica - 2013 8. Brainiac100 - 2012 9. The Cube - 2013 10. araver - 2014 11. onetruth - 2014 12. dee_tot - 2013 13. TwoaDay - 2012 14. Aura - so long ago they dropped me from the roster 15. Magic - 2014 16. Hirkala - 2012 17. Panther - 2014 18. Bmad - 2013 19. mboon - 2012 But unfortunately about a third of the people here, including the host seem to have vanished from brainden.
  4. Haha, awesome post! Good game everyone, and thanks to Kikacat for hosting the game!
  5. Let's just end the game quick, go ahead and release Dee, I don't really care at this point. I had fun.
  6. Just a random something to throw out there, how would you guys feel about a mafia based on one of: The Xanth series? The Harry Potter series? Lord of the Rings, possibly including The Hobbit? (I like books )
  7. Roster: Host: Asylum Warden: Kikacat123 Co-host: Deputy Warden: nana77 1. bonanova - voting for Marksmanjay 2. dee_tot - voting for Aura 4. araver - voting for Marksmanjay 5. Marksmanjay - voting for Aura 9. Auramyna- - voting for Aura 3. plasmid -DEAD- poisoned by Killers 6. phil1882 -DEAD- executed as Hallucinator 7. onetruth -DEAD- executed as Schizophrenic 8. Boquise -DEAD- executed as Homicidal Maniac 10. Barcallica -RELEASED as MPD 11. mtamburini -RELEASED as Paranoiac I am, your's truly, uselessly, compulsively, the Compulsive Liar. Which leaves 1-2-1-1 or 1-1-2-1 or 1-2-2. I'm leaning towards the last, because I've seen no real evidence of role copying (Traps stopped when trapper died, no one else seens to have used my power, etc). Which means we have left a Baddie NK, a Releaser/Save, a 3x Vote, a Blocker, and a Liar remaining. I think the evidence against both Aura and dee_tot is quite strong at this point, let's get Aura out for now (because voting against dee_tot would be useless at this point) P.S. Since the Hypo is (probably) dead, Psychologist should release me, because it doesn't hurt you anyways, and you don't know who the blocker (Pyro) might be. Thanks! Edit: Oh, missed Aura's apparent forfeit. Good game all (release me please!)
  8. If I remember correctly, we don't have a trapper anymore.
  9. Wait, is the bulletin board bit telling us that there was a lie in the NP? Because if so, that means that Aura was not actually blocked.
  10. <ignore this please>
  11. @araver - Sure, of course. As you can tell, I have been mostly inactive for the first two Days. This was out of my control, as I did not have access to my computer and it is very hard to vote on a mobile. I also did not have enough information to feel that any of my votes would be justified, and it wasn't worth the effort just to blindly hop on a bandwagon or two. I did not have anything to say during the nights, I don't think there is normally as much activity here during nights anyways. I also don't believe that I was bandwagonning, I do see now how you could take it as such, but I honestly did not take onetruth's vote into consideration. I was simply waiting until I had access to a computer to cast my vote properly. (Colours!) One quick question for you, what did you mean by "How do you feel about being released"? I will assume this is a typo, and that you meant "How would you feel about being released?". If not, please clarify. Thanks! P.S. Also remember that a block does not show up on the roster, as it only prevents that player's night actions. Only trap shows on the roster (i.e. on Aura). So there is no real reason for the block on dee_tot to have been a lie from the Compulsive Liar.
  12. Forgive me, I may have misunderstood this, but it seems that you are saying that since one of either Aura or you (Dee) is a baddie, that you would not vote for Aura (or yourself, naturally), and instead vote for someone for which you provided no real reason beyond, "inactivity". Unless you can explain that, maybe clarify it (I wasn't trying to be sarcastic when I said "I may have misunderstood"), my vote will be on you. 1. bonanova/Freeown 2. dee_tot/Flamebirde - voting for Marksmanjay 4. araver - voting for Marksmanjay 5. Marksmanjay - voting for dee_tot/Flamebirde 7. onetruth - voting for dee_tot/Flamebirde 9. Auramyna - TRAPPED in kitchen cupboard for N3, D3 10. Barcallica - voting for onetruth 6. phil1882 -DEAD- executed as Hallucinator 8. Boquise -DEAD- executed as Homicidal Maniac 3. plasmid -DEAD- poisoned by Killers 11. mtamburini -RELEASED as Paranoiac
  13. Or, to be even more politically correct, you could use the 3rd person plural (i.e. "they", "them", etc.). ENGLISH WHY DID YOU NOT HAVE A GENDER NEUTRAL THIRD PERSON SINGULAR PRONOUN?
  14. Oops, sorry for missing D1. One sec. *Follows topic* There, not sure why I didn't do that earlier. I'll be more active now.
  15. Confirming, can't wait to start playing!