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  1. [0,1] to (0,1)

    Very impressive! Did you just devise this yourself?
  2. It's a trap!

    Hmm, I misread the teaser thinking it was 12 letters,
  3. It's a trap!

  4. Four Numbers

  5. mental diagnosis

  6. Averages Part II

  7. magic triangles

  8. Another spin on a classic: Transporting Apples

    oops. I meant to also state that the business is 1000 miles away. How does that qualify as local?
  9. 50% increase

  10. Shuffle to Double

  11. An Arbitrary sum?

  12. That sentence is not a true description of n because it veracity would lead to a contradiction (Similar to "This statement is false"). Therefore it is an untrue statement, and thus a false description of n.
  13. My first sequence

    No, sorry.
  14. Blindman's Chess

    Is he unable to see or does he put up blinds?