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  1. Wait a minute... before I even try to tackle this question... There is actually a difference in the speed you walk vs how much wetter you will get?! What's the answer to that?????? What is the best pace to get wet the least??????? SO CURIOUS!
  2. This one's a tricky one! Thanks for the post... Lots to think about while I'm doing #2... xD. *****
  3. Thank you so much for this...! I may lose a lot of sleep with this link...
  4. An interesting one. Thanks for sharing! *****
  5. Ooooh, do they have more stuff like this?? Thanks for the input!
  6. I hate all the spoilers... I know I don't have to click them... but it's just so tempting when it's available. Lol... *****
  7. And for the record, people, try not to click the spoiler or the other link with the answer! This is actually a great exercise for the mind. Stimulate your brain cells!
  8. Man, you're good. Thanks for the heads up. Do you know if there are other ones like this? I love these hands-on brain-teasers...
  9. Naw dude! So far, I checked everywhere in this forum and there are no brain teasers like this one. And no, you don't start with a rectangular piece... It's a square piece of paper!!!!! I'll post an answer video soon. Just want more people to try first! I'm refraining from putting a spoiler too early.... people usually are tempted to click it if they see that it's available.
  10. So there was a black man, a white man, and an Asian man hanging out. They were bored and the black man decided to do something bold. He said, "Watch this", popped a boner, and ran against a wall... and the wall broke! So the white man goes, "Oh yeah? Watch this!", pops a boner, and runs toward another wall... and his wenis broke! So the Asian man goes, "Pathetic! Watch this!", pops a boner, and runs in the direction of another wall... and his nose broke....
  11. Chuck Norris threw a grenade and 200 people died. ... and then the grenade exploded.
  12. My brain is starting to combust... I love it... This is kind of like the question, "If God can do everything, can He create a rock so heavy He can't carry himself?" Hah, you know what... I"m starting a new thread with that question.
  13. This one is definitely stimulating my mind. Thanks for the post!
  14. Lol, I was going to help you with this... and then I realized you posted at 2010...
  15. Ok, I said don't click. But if you did, whaaaadddup! Just trying to find new puzzles and tricks to stimulate my brain. I'm looking for brain-teasers such as the link below. I'm thinking about doing more like these on my YouTube page. BUT ONLY IF IT'S GOOD! So if you know of any good ones, do let me know!
  16. Hey guys, this is my first post on this forum! Forgive me if this brain-teaser is supposed to be at a different section of the forum. Ok, check this out. This is a simple but effective brain-teaser! If you get it under 3 minutes, you're actually considered a genius! Isn't this brain-teaser just awesome?! Are there any brain-teasers like this in the forum? Please let me know!
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