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    I like to play Halo Reach, or any Halo, and lots of iPod games. I like riddles, paradoxes, and logic puzzles.

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  1. How did you know I was from NC?
  2. How many posts are required to go up in rank?
  3. Zeno's second paradox of motion, of Achilles and the tortoise, is probably the best known of his four paradoxes of motion. In this problem, the fleet Greek warrior runs a race against a slow-moving tortoise. Assume Achilles runs at ten times the speed of the tortoise (1 meter per second to 0.1 meter per second). The tortoise is given a 100-meter handicap in a race that is 1,000 meters. By the time Achilles reaches the tortoise's starting point T0, the tortoise will have moved on to point T1. Soon, Achilles will reach point T1, but by then the tortoise would have moved on to T2, and so on, ad i
  4. While taking a group of benefactors on a tour through the new aviary they had just helped to build, a noted ornithologist commented, "And here we have two of the finest examples of ravens that I have ever seen. Notice the lustrous black plumage for which all ravens are famous." The ornithologist continued his lecture, commenting on the corvine feeding and nesting habits as well as on the birds' legendary role as harbingers of ill fortune. When the ornithologist had finished, a young man said, "Sir, excuse me, but did you say that 'All ravens are black'?" "I don't know if I said exactly that,
  5. A man condemned to be hanged was sentenced on Saturday. "The hanging will take place at noon," said the judge to the prisoner, "on one of the seven days of next week. But you will not know which day it is until you are so informed on the morning of the day of the hanging." The judge was known to be a man who always kept his word. The prisoner, accompanied by his lawyer, went back to his cell. As soon as the two men were alone, the lawyer broke into a grin. "Don't you see?" he exclaimed. "The judge's sentence cannot possibly be carried out." "I don't see," said the prisoner. "Let me explain
  6. I wonder when anybody is going to view my Grandfather paradox post...

  7. This is one of my favorites! :D
  8. Hello! I'm new. I am pretty good at math, as I got third place in the state. I also use Scratch and Python programming. I love solving logic riddles.
  9. I got third place in the county for MSMD.
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