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  1. Biggest splash

    Assuming we can't just break the goblet and spill it all... Oops...I had an extra parenthesis somewhere.
  2. Football Decision

    Second part
  3. Double up!

    What is the current official highest N? 4?
  4. The mean of four numbers

    Is that supposed to be median or mean? Because d has no effect on the median. Unless you meant the median of c and d.
  5. Find the radius

    Oops! In that formula
  6. Find the radius

    Again I'm posting from my phone as my laptop needs to charge. I'll show my work when I get a chance to plug it in.
  7. Chess: bishop and knight

    Let's hope I do this right. I'm posting from my phone. So assuming the same as above bishop on f1 and knight on g1 I would say: