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  1. I thank you *cough* sincerely for that vote of confidence. Or do I?
  2. Wow. I can already get a vague idea of who has lost their sanity... Fortunately for Brainden, there is really no chance of people scaring me away. Just give me a day or so, and I'll accidentally show you how weird I can be. Boy, I sure can't wait to be shanked!
  3. Brainiac100

    One Up Me

    In my spare time, I think up things to do in my spare time.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcomes! I took a look at mafia, and it seems pretty cool. I'm looking forward to trying it out!
  5. Brainiac100

    Newbie Mafia

    Alright! School ends on the 7th for me, so I'll be able to get on more by then. I'll also sign up then, so I can look at some previous mafias to make sure I understand everything. Thanks, Thalia!
  6. Brainiac100

    Newbie Mafia

    I have a question: What happens if I sign up, but I can only get on in a certain two-hour time limit? Should I not even bother? (BTW, this circumstance should not last for long. But if it does, I want to make sure I don't waste anyone's time.)
  7. I'm new here, but this place seems amazing!!!

    1. TheCube


      "Seems"?!? This place IS amazing!!!

  8. Hello, my name is Brainiac100, as you can probably tell from my username. I heard about this website from a friend, and I must say that it really seems pretty neat. I've always been into the brain-game/word puzzle kind of thing, so this seemed pretty enticing to me. I can't wait to meet everyone on here! (and I mean that in the uncreepiest way possible) Brainiac100
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