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  1. I am so incredibly excited to be cohosting a mafia for the first time :')

  2. Playing mafias, planning one, trying to participate in a game I know nothing about... This is awesome! :D

  3. Yayz!!! School starts on Monday!!!

  4. We waited the entire day at the DMV to get my permit, and they told us to come back tomorrow. >:(

    1. Brainiac100


      I just got it!!!!! :) (and I scored a 100 on the test)

    2. plainglazed


      congrats! keep it between the ditches.

  5. Now that summer's here, I can't wait to get back to school.

  6. School's finally out!!! I'm freeeeeee!!

    1. tiger_lily111
    2. TheCube


      I've BEEN out for two weeks.

  7. On BrainDen at school... I'm such a rebel. :D

    1. TheCube


      OH WOW!!!!! XD

  8. I just joined mafia for the first time... It should be a lot of fun!!

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    2. Thalia


      As TC said, WiFoM stands for Wine in Front of Me. Yes. It is from the Princess Bride. There is a scene where the main character and one of the bad guys are having a "battle of wits". There are two goblets of wine and one of them is poisoned. The bad guy will pick and then they drink. The bad guy starts off on a tangent about how he knows exactly which one is poisoned. It's a bunch of circular logic. So "only an idiot would put the poison in front of him so I can't choose t...

    3. Thalia


      I guess the post got cut.

      So "only an idiot would put the poison in front of him so I can't choose the one in front of me. But he knows I know that so I can't choose the one in front of him. But he knows that I know that he knows. . ." Do you get the idea?

    4. Brainiac100


      Yes ma'am. Thanks!!

  9. I'm new here, but this place seems amazing!!!

    1. TheCube


      "Seems"?!? This place IS amazing!!!

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