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  2. Half Fast Well, everyone raised their hand, so everyone sees at least one red dot. I'm guy A, the others are B and C. I think to myself, if I have a white dot, guy B would see a red dot (on C) and a white dot (on A, me), and since guy C raised his hand, B would know his dot is red because mine is white. Same with guy C looking at A (me) and B. If neither one can deduce this readily, I must have a red dot also.
  3. Not too good at reckoning so I'll put it in the coffee, it'll probably kill them and might not kill me depending on who gets it, providing putting it in neither is not an option.
  4. Its the only shape that can't be turned in such a manner to drop it inside the manhole.
  5. ya know, that's a really good question...

  6. Sounds like my LAWYER..............
  7. Half Fast

    By Law?

    I'm still trying to figure out how the rooster got on the roof? They can't fly so I say the hell with the egg, I want this flying rooster. That is of course the egg isn't a golden one. Then it would be the Gander that laid the golden egg. Also, Frank Zappa isn't dead, his alias is akaslickster, I saw him several pages back. Now I'm going to bet on a chicken fight........
  8. Hey, why have you been downing nearly everyones post?!?!?!?

  9. Asked my Consultant E.T. (the guy in the pic) and he spelled it out simply: It takes 2 typists 2 minutes to type 2 pages thus each typist types 1 page in that 2 minutes, still with me? I said yes. Since it takes 1 typist 2 minutes to type 1 page, how many pages can he type in 18 minutes? 9 was my reply, he said "correct". If 1 typist can type 9 pages in 18 minutes, how many typists would it take to type 18 pages in 18 minutes? I just nodded and said: IT TAKES TWO TYPIST 18 MINUTES TO TYPE 18 PAGES.
  10. Just guessing here, but why not put a lock on one ring and lock it. Then, put another lock through the second ring and lock it through the first lock. It would only work if you remember to put one of the keys in the box with the valuable item BEFORE you lock it shut. Just in case this isn't the correct answer, get the insurance also......
  11. Who's journey took the longest? Is that longest time or longest route? They all took the same amount of time.......
  12. I know it CANNOT be a bat because they're just as blind during the night as they are during the day. They navigate using radar but that doesn't mean they can see, just avoid obstacles.
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