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  1. We are normal.....we say that some people are crazy/mad....but we have all been crazy/mad sometime in our lives, as we do crazy/mad stuff. Hence we can safely say that in general, all people are crazy/mad . But that would mean that being crazy/mad is normal.....hence all crazy/mad people are normal ; that means that a 'normal' person is actually abnormal, which would indirectly mean that the person is crazy/mad......hence there is really no such thing as normal or crazy/mad when one puts it like this....

    Because everyone is insane, no-one can be considered normal. Thus, anyone who is actually normal is, in fact, abnormal. Thus, the ability to differentiate between 'normal' and 'insane' no longer exists.

    Because we are all obsessively inclined, no one is able to be identified as within accepted parameters. So someone who is within parameters is actually perverse. SO the mental exercise of separating those within parameters from the perverse is now without possibility

    Since we are all creatures of habit, nobody can be noticed nearby, so they are disgusting. So learning to split them cannot be done.

    because we are all people of routines, we cannot be bothered to see anyone standing in close proximity, so they are ridiculously horrible creatures. Therefore, cutting them is impossible.

    Since everyone is a human on a schedule, we don't care about seeing those nearest to us; therefore, they are vile beings, so we can't SNIP THEM INTO PIECES AND WATCH THEM BLEED OUT LIKE STUCK PIGS.


  2. I concur with Aura....it IS unfortunate that sometimes the price we pay for so many voting for someone is a lynched Goodie....but conversely if said lynchee is a Goodie it behooves them to speak up and try to convince us. In other words, GETTING THEM TO TALK.....muy muy importante!!

  3. Hirk is without internet tonight....so he cant defend as we couldnt speak on the game directly....but are friends IRL and he texted me to let me know to inform all nd lynching a person who CANT defend themselves doesnt seem very sporting to me

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