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  2. or less]

    Guess all black initially,then for the next8 trials change 3 consecutive cards to red.

    For each…..

    -3 = 3 blacks

    +3 = 3 reds

    -1 = 1 red, 2 blacks

    +1 = 2 reds, 1 black

    +3 / -3 requires no further trials

    +1/-1 may need 2 more trials, using the appropriate mix . If after 1st or 2nd trials you aren’t scoring +3 then the 3rd untried position has to be it.

    The colors of the last 2 cards can be easily worked out.

    Incorporate any “untried positions” into the first trial on the final 2 cards.

  3. 1st trial guess all red

    2nd trial change first card only to black. Result will be +/- 1 , +1 = black, - 1=red.

    Repeat this for each card in turn, get them all on the 27th trial.

    From the 1st trial you will know how many of each color there are. If the last two or more cards are the same color it will be concluded quicker.

    (Seeing as the Big Boys/Girls haven’t chipped in yet, this answer is probably BS)

  4. [spoiler='

    ?Can the hand used to reveal the suite be changed


    Agree that a particular orientation means red suit and the other means black suit.

    After a guess is made the hand used to turn the card indicates the suit of nex cardt, say

    left hand is club/heart and right is diamond/spade.

    Opening gambit could be signalled by an open palm gesture left/right as above.

    Think this would work with mittens on too. ;)

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