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  1. Easier to just calculate odds of neither Davey or Ian hitting bullseye: .1 * .2 = .02 or 2%
  2. Curr3nt did a lot of figuring to come up with the same conclusion I got by multiplying .1 by .2 and comparing it to .03. On 100 throws Alex loses a net 1 time.
  3. Seems pretty simple. The odds that Davey and Ian both miss is 2% (.2*.1). The odds that Alex will miss is 3%, so he has made a bad bet. Is there something more complicated that I am missing?
  4. If Ned said it, probability is 1 that it is GG; If Red said it, it is either BG, GB, or GG, probability is 1/3 it is GG If Ted said it, you know the older child is G, probability is 1/2 it is GG If Zed said it, you know the coin selected child is G. He mentions sex of other child (G) so probability of GG is 1 1/4*1+1/4*1/3+1/4*1/2+1/4*1=17/24 = probability that it is GG.
  5. I have a clarification question. If there are 10 steps and a landing at the bottom and the top, the child would have to take 11 steps if taken one at a time, right?
  6. Nice going Prismatic. Is there logic or math behind this solution or trial and error?
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