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  1. can trapped sane release?
  2. Actually it is best for the sane to release me first.
  3. There being 3x vote, I doubt there will be a tie,
  4. Host: Asylum Warden: Kikacat123 Co-host: Deputy Warden: nana77 1. FreeOwn 2. Flamebirde - voting for mtamburini 3. plasmid -DEAD- poisoned by Killers 4. araver - voting for Boquise 5. Marksmanjay 6. phil1882 - voting for marksmanjay 7. onetruth voting for mtamburini 8. Boquise - voting for FreeOwn 9. Auramyna 10. Barcallica - voting for FreeOwn 11. mtamburini - voting for Boquise Making it 3 way tie. What are the tie rules???
  5. Edit: Out of curiosity, what sort of time and resources do the kids get to solve these problems? Usually 45 minutes per problem with pen, paper, ruler, compasses. Rarely they accept calculater and/or formula book. But state olimpyad is 90 minutes per problem, 3 problems, 2 day. I once sat 9 hours straight coz I was challengin in above grade too.
  6. 1. bonanova - confirmed 2. Flamebirde - confirmed 3. plasmid - confirmed 4. araver - confirmed 5. Marksmanjay 6. phil1882 7. onetruth - confirmed 8. Boquise - confirmed 9. Auramyna - 10. Barcallica - confirmed 11. mtamburini
  7. Can a prisoner choose not to move anything? also do they know what time it is?
  8. Yes that works . But are there other answers as well? (Should have thought about 49.50 before posting )
  9. RID=Role ID e.g NK barc= you kill barc RID kill Barc as Psychologist= you kill barc if only barc is psychologist (you should know the role of a player you are acting on to succeed, or guess correctly)
  10. This is a problem presented in local math olimpyad, N(12,34)=12131415.....31323334 Find a, b, c, d where ab+cd=99 and N(ab,cd) is dividable by abcd (4 digit number).
  11. I'm psychologist, therefore your only hope to win this game. You better treat me well
  12. Confirm, Is that IRL you, boq? marksmanjay is jay gold?
  13. Some questions I have. The killers and the sane both have btsc right? Does NK have carrier? (can it be blocked, redirected?) If Answer to above Q is yes, and baddie kill himself would Sane wincon become impossible (it said lynch baddies) How psychologist release player from asylum, RID release? or just name a player. Can it be redirected? Sorry, little clarification on this -2x Night role act- ? Do role copy use copied action at the same night?
  14. Host (Asylum warden): Kikacat123 Roster: 1. bonanova 2. Flamebirde 3. plasmid 4. araver 5. Marksmanjay 6. phil1882 7. onetruth 8. 9. Auramyna 10. Barcallica 77. Nana77 Backups: 1. akaslickster 2. Yeah, i found out about MM here on Den, but never actually played mafia here.
  15. Possible slide it on the surface of the station?
  16. Go beside the other astronaut and toss ( if you really have to toss. ) Since we are not allowed to write equation I assume astronauts also can't precisely calculate tangents and whatnot.
  17. S=72, can be done easily with reverse pythagorean theorem.
  18. Just want to post something after a long time. ABC triangle. AM, BN median. AM=12, BN=9, AB=10 S=?
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