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  1. Spoiler

    My band of fourteen cultivates - No 14, RMCF defensive midfielder Casemiro
    Roses pink and white - RMCF away jersey color
    The oddly even adulates - Some say he is the best defensive mid in the world
    When not dispensing slight - But he obviously makes mistakes
    Woven tight, mayhaps invoke -
    Serendipity - goal chance coming from well organized play?
    Taken up by flame we stoke - RMA fans are the most demanding in the world
    In halo fittingly - RMA logo?

    doubt that it is the answer plas looking for


  2. Suppose you want to find a way of distributing plates such that no one gets their own dish and there is no way of rotating the table to give two people their correct dishes.

    Draw a logic grid of people at the restaurant along the horizontal axis in the order in which they're sitting around the n-gon, and whose dish they received on the vertical axis. In the figure below, if Joe had Sam's dish placed in front of him, you would fill in the green square. If you were to rotate the table, that could be represented by shifting the entire grid down (with any cells that move off the bottom of the grid wrapping back around to the top).

    Since no one received their own dish, you can X out all the cells along the diagonal -- they wouldn't be allowed in an initial distribution of dishes.

    attachicon.gifn-gon table.jpg

    Suppose Joe did receive Sam's dish. Then consider all the cells along that diagonal through the green cell running parallel to the main diagonal (the cells representing Joe getting Sam's dish, Sue getting Al's dish, Amy getting Joe's dish, etc.) Rotating the table to give Joe his dish would be shifting the entire logic grid down by two cells, so if any other cells along that diagonal had been filled, that rotation would make two dishes fall on the main diagonal so two people would get their correct dish. So if person X gets dish Y, you can't use any other cells along the diagonal through (X, Y) parallel to the main diagonal.

    There are n diagonals parallel to the main diagonal (wrapping around the edges of the grid), and we crossed out the main diagonal at the outset because no one started out with their own dish, so there are (n minus 1) diagonals on which to place n dishes, which of course can't be done.


    I was following the topic to see the solution to this seemingly simple but very interesting problem. 

    And very nice solution by plasmid. Even school kids could understand without any trouble.  :thumbsup:


    It seems that the task is to encode a day and time with ace-10 in one of four suits.

    That's 40 possibilities. But 7x12 has 84 possibilities. More info is needed.

    Something akin to timing of the display of the cards must come into play.


    We could place the card facing front or back, so we now have 80 possibilities. 4 to go. (3 if we can choose not to place any card)

  4. Let's assume there were only left column and top row. One to remove last pawn is winner because he will be second player of m-1, n-1 both side even board. 

    In this new game, 1st player also has the edge. He first takes corner pawn and make it 2 separate line, next he maintains the number of pawns on those lines same.



    If at least one of m or n is odd, player 1 wins. First he removes middle line, then do actions symmetrical to player 2's actions with the removed line.

    This is incorrect.

    Consider 3*3 for example. After player 1 removes middle line, player 2 removes some line perpendicular to line just removed, leaving player 1 with 2*2.


    if m and n both even, player 2 wins. Every move player 1 make, player 2 make symmetrical move with center point.

    This is correct. :)



    I see. Then strategy would be to make the grid even sided. if m odd and n is even, player 1 can first take one row from m and wins. if both are even he obviously can't take entire row. Maybe take center pawn and do symmetrically?  

  6. Order of event:

    1. the death sentence

    2. warden's clemency announcement and conditions (OP)

    3. plan agreement 

    4. random schedules of execution - what day is it? Monday?

    5. card selecting

    6. wearing of hats

    7. writing the guess list

    8. escaping or hanging

    (the warden would make the release look like an escape)

  7. Doctor Fate: Y-san
    1) Phil1882
    2) Nana77 - voting for Barc
    3) bonanova
    8) plasmid - voting for Nana
    12) Barca - voting for Nana
    4) tolecnal - DEAD [Martian Manhunter] lynched
    5) flamebirde - DEAD [Hawkgirl] killed by Supervillains
    6) onetruth - DEAD [?] killed by Supervillains
    7) dee_tot - DEAD [?] killed by Supervillains
    9) TwoaDay - DEAD [Zatanna] lynched
    10) Kikacat123 - DEAD [?] killed by Amazo
    11) Araver - DEAD [Black Canary] lynched



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