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  1. I would very much like to play mafia again.. in fact I am dying to play .. but when you r working 14 hrs. a day and lead a bachelor's life.. it's not that easy.. :sad: Hopefully I can get access to MM in office.. But that doesn't look very promising..

  2. So sweet of you lollipop! :P i missed you too. I am gonna play from work, a new experience. Good luck with your driving classes; if you drive in India you can drive anywhere. :wink:

  3. Hi CPB!! I am back again, for a while. How's it going?

  4. Thanks CPB!! :D Finally got time to log in. :phew:

  5. Thanks for the invite GM! But sorry I am not playing mafia for a while.

  6. Hey! Happy B'day GM!:D

  7. Happy Mafia anniversary, mate!:D Thanks for introducing such a great game. I remember the first Mafia, I received my role and the game was over. So many pleasant and not-so-pleasant memories. :cries: :P

  8. Thanks for reminding me. I was hoping to read Chetan Bhagat's 3 books. Everybody's saying they are very much worth reading. Especially "One night @ the call centre".

  9. So how do you like Eldest? Wondering about the title?

  10. Hehe. I didn't say it was boring to death. I was bored at only some points and I still liked the book.:P

  11. And don't ask me why I still have Brisingr! :P

  12. Hi CPB!:D Don't want to dampen your interest in Eldest, but I didn't find it so interesting. I sort of liked the first book. I dunno but somehow I found Book 2 a bit boring. But if one has nothing else to read, it's an okay read. Mind you it's just my opinion. :P

  13. Hi! Been a long time since I have seen you play. So welcome back. ;)

  14. Hey! Happy Birthday, Phaze!:D

  15. Hey! When did you reach 3000! Happy 3K!:D But you do know that have slowed down considerably, don't you?:P

  16. Yeah! I don't know the full details, but the issue has been hanging about for a few days now. This millionaire Stanford sponsored T20 match/es between the big names of England and West Indies offering Millions if remember right. India were not in any way involved.:D

  17. Happy 2000 posts, peace!;)

  18. Thanks dude!:D Have an epic mafia year.:P

  19. Thanks. A bit late, but I am finally back.:D

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