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  1. Good try, but that doesn't work with the third line, at the very least.
  2. He speaks in foreign voice, And thinks in spoken thought; His choice is not a choice - He is and he is not.
  3. Well, another one that works for all but the first verse is And a friend of mine, thinking outside the box, guessed
  4. My first intuition is that this is some kind of Edit: A further hunch
  5. Huh. jippiidan, I think you solved number 10!
  6. Well-answered! If there's any place where Gollum's speech patterns should be "reasonable common knowledge," it's a riddling board.
  7. The answers to these two riddles are linked in some way. Some slightly non-general vocab/knowledge may be needed, but I think it's either fair or skirting the edges of fairness. Good luck! 1) Green walls that hide a sealed room Of bright silk curtains and sweet perfume. 2) Errors we'll own to, if we're wise... What Gollum runs for exercise? Hint:
  8. Thank you for the encouragement. This one's been through a few drafts. The original version was MUCH easier and posted for a less intense audience, and used lots of cliches (shadows getting shorter at noon, chess knight described as a person, etc.) I'm still not entirely happy with the last one. For one thing, knights are knighted with the flat of a blade, not, generally speaking, the tip. For another, it doesn't make a neat rhyming couplet. I'd be happy to hear suggestions!
  9. WitchOfDoubt

    I haven't done a surface integral in ages, so I'm probably entirely wrong here, but can we... This is probably based on faulty assumptions, but it really doesn't require much in the way of calculus - just algebra and a very basic sense of what integrals represent.
  10. MissKitten: Far from it. Newbie: No, no, and no. TheChad: That would be an excellent answer for the first riddle alone, but isn't what I was looking for - it doesn't fit the pattern of the three answers. Here are some clues to eliminate some general possibilities:
  11. A few of them, based on the first clue:
  12. lenzvlt: A good try! But the connection between the three answers is less ambiguous than that. Let me be clearer. Although Thalia's answer would satisfy the second riddle alone, it isn't the correct answer in this context, and might actually lead you in entirely wrong directions.
  13. That'd definitely work for the second riddle alone, but using that answer won't lead you to the other two. Individually, these riddles are ambiguous, but if you solve all three, I think you'll have no doubt that your answer's correct.
  14. (The three answers are, of course, connected.) I: Unlike afflictions that strike and move on, This lingers after all symptoms are gone. II. No threat was made, no robbery done, Yet two arms upraised reach for the sun. III. Some men end by the sword; The sword's end made me.
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