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  1. Definitely ask her that. Also, maybe ask her if she knows what the gang was/is called, without making her too suspicious.
  2. @ guppy I think your note idea is possible. We should look into it.
  3. Are we allowed to interview the janitor yet, or do we need to know who he is?
  4. I like guppy's edited phrase. What do you guys think?
  5. I think we should include an x, from the word "next". I may be wrong, but aren't there many styles of x's? Maybe something like "Fed-Ex it to Brian Dennis. We might also want to include a y, as there are multiple ways of writing y, like it is in this font but also where it's like an extended u.
  6. @ All #1: How about the classic one "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog?"
  7. @ Cav #2 She is a suspect, isn't she?
  8. Definitely not. I just hope you never get your hands on a taser IRL. I don't know what we'd do...
  9. Also, ask her why she was using a mercury thermometer when they aren't in use anymore.
  10. @MiKi If we threaten a suspect with the taser and they don't comply with our demands, then what? We can't use the taser...
  11. Use the lie detector when you ask the questions. If she's difficult say "I want a yes or no answer."
  12. Can we use the lie detector on her? Probably should have thought of that before questioning but oh well...
  13. Also, how did she know that the "glass" was a thermometer?
  14. Maybe we should use a phrase that has more of the letters that the note does in it, to get a better reading. Also, by using a phrase, we can check the size of spaces as well.
  15. Aren't mercury thermometers almost never used now? Don't almost all of them use alcohol or some other non-toxic substance? Definitely suspicious.
  16. Also, what about a sixth set for known criminals. After all, there's a security level for it, so there should probably be a question set as well.
  17. Glad I'm helping. Let's get started on those questions.
  18. Wheeeeeee! I like pie (and π)!

  19. By the way, this is my first mystery on the Den, am I helping? Be honest.
  20. If this was an actual murder, maybe Ms Steam had her own motive for killing him, she knew the combination to the safe, and she broke the thermometer and put the mercury in his cup when he ordered some coffee. Just a thought. Can we fingerprint the safe's lock?
  21. I agree with MiKi about the question list. How many sets do you think there should be?
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