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  1. Im in CST.

    And just a quick q, do you guys want me to post my questions here? Like, just put them all in one post? Because I can't seem to be able to upload a word doc here. And then maybe you guys can all just copy and paste the questions onto your own comp and save it, so we all have a copy.

    That would work ... but what happens when you try to upload it?

  2. Some inconclusive analysis

    In order to insure 3 passengers on every trip, someone must travel across the river, back to original side and another trip to get to the desired side.

    With the $33 limit, this person crossing both ways extra must be the baby.

    If it's the baby, doesn't that present a problem because the baby has to travel with a family member?

    Edit: typo.

  3. Every guest may strike with the Blue Truth, including newcomers. New arrivals will be seated quickly, but are free to use Blue Truth in their first post.

    In addition, two guests from the same side of the table may not strike consecutively. If they do, all strikes but the first will be ignored.

    I assume that means that a newcomer will automatically be seated on the opposite side to the side that most recently attacked.

  4. A friend told this to me, and I thought I'd share it here:

    100 pirates need to allocate 100 identical laptops among them. Their democratic system works as follows:

    All pirates are ranked by their seniority (all pirates have different ranks). First, the most senior pirate proposes a plan that states exactly how many laptops each pirate gets. The 100 pirates vote on the plan and it passes at least half of the pirates vote for it. If it passes, all pirates take their laptops and go home. If it fails, the one who proposed the plan (the most senior pirate in this case) is killed, and the second most senior pirate takes his place and proposes his plan.The same process is repeated in the order of seniority until someone's plan is passed.

    Assume every pirate makes his decision based on the following priorities:

    1. He doesn't want to die.

    2. Given he's not going to die, he would prefer to get as many laptops as possible.

    3. Given he's going to get the same number of laptops, he would prefer as many other pirates to die as possible.

    Also assume every pirate is logical, rational, and selfish (wants as many laptops as possible and doesn't care what anyone else gets as long as it doesn't affect him) and knows everyone else is the same. What will happen? i.e. whose proposal will be passed and what is the proposal?

  5. A ship of steam on a ladder, rather than the sea, would be a train.

    According to the WoD's earlier text, during the 'quake "A toy boxcar fell off of the table with the model railroad set, crashing violently on the ground, but was miraculously undamaged,"

    I pick it up and examine it......

    And as for Nat's riddle 1:

    I believe this to be 'Love'

    Giving love buit not receiving is frustrating, sharing it with another is elating, sharing it with more than one person confuses, having a loveless relationship is an illusion of happiness.

    Riddle 2 may need coming back to, but here's a stab in the dark:

    Earthquake? Would shake the large mirror, causing it to fall to the floor, making many smaller mirrors when it smashes...

    I agree with 1, but I don't know if 2 would be that obvious. It's definitely plausible, though. How many locks have we gotten through?

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