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  1. 1/3?

    By simple counting, there are six ways the coins can be placed on the cards, because the coins are not differentiated. There is one way per color to choose two cards of that color, so two out of six possibilities satisfy the conditions, or 1 in 3.

  2. According to the premise

    between $.01 - $1.26 (inclusive)

    it seems to be $1.25

    1 + 4 31s.

    What I meant was that if you changed $1.26 to something higher, what is the highest value for which there is still a solution with 5 stamps?

  3. Are we assuming that the mixtures are perfectly mixed and that all samples of the mixtures will have the same percentage of each liquid as the entire glass?

    if we transferred half the water, and then managed to transfer back pure wine by chance, both glasses would have an equal amount.

  4. So the question is to find the five stamp amounts that can make any whole number of cents between $.01 and $1.26 inclusive using a maximum of five stamps?

    Clearly, we need a 1 cent stamp, but can we go straight to 6 from there? (5x1+1)

  5. There is a pool of water that, when in full sunlight, increases in temperature by one degree Celsius in ten minutes.

    At 12:00pm the pool is half covered by the shade of a tree. And by 13:00pm the pool is in full sun. (So that between 12 and 1 pm the pool is partially cover by some shade.) It can be assumed that the shade covers half the pool at 12:30 and so on.

    Should this be "fully covered" instead of "half covered"?

  6. Does that

    (I was in the process of posting when I accidentally lost my post! Given that I'd spent a while revising my plot document, it's getting late. I'll try again tomorrow, as it's getting late. Sorry about the delay!

    The next chapter will not be so puzzle-dense, but will contain multiple duels and will, if you play well, solve a lot of the central mysteries of the game. The third chapter will be the final one.)

    Are you counting the Prologue as a chapter?

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