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  1. May i direct you to the ending credits of the 1st story, morningstar ?

    [spoiler=an apprentice is no witch, huh :D]Annabel, the Sapphire Witch, Witch of Doubt Thalassa, the Crimson Witch, Witch of Secrets ????????, the Opal Sorcerer, Witch of Promises

    the one of ciphres was decoded kinda early, even before the post from Molly Mae

    i wish the text in spoilers could be formatted a bit better :D i'm editing and inserting several spaces to have it look better

    fml even that didnt work :D

    look at the bottom of the first page. It says "ESPER, the Crimson Apprentice, Witch of Hope. (It's the one with the feather.)

  2. nah, the same image is one each card. orienting the cards plane up or down just gives a "bit" of info to the other logician who does not know the order of the cards.

    I know. I was being facetious. Sorry. :) Anyway, I have an idea, but it's not very efficient. I'm working on it.

  3. Ha, good one there Molly Mae :D

    let's for sake of explanation start with the 3 "placed" Sapphire - Doubt, Opal - Promises (boy from part1,2021), Crimson - Secrets we add 2 to get the 5 "found", Ruby and Ochre, we know of their existence, now we need 6 more to reach 11, the amount of symbols on the 1st page of this topic

    The Crimson Apprentice is the Witch of Hope, not Secrets. The Witch of Secrets' symbol is pretty much confirmed by WoS's avatar, and the symbol with ASCII spells out Witch of Ciphers. I think that's the five.

    For convenience, how about we refer to the witches' symbols by numbering them clockwise from the top.

  4. Very clever. I like this solution so much that I submitted it to the combined Town Boards of the ABCD Municipality for approval. They texted me back and said they were willing to proceed, even to bear the cost of all that additional asphalt, provided that

    the location of the necessary six-inch-wide yellow divider line. The Board is extremely safety conscious, it seems. By the way, the Town Cartographer chimed in that the length of the road will be recorded as the total length of the yellow line.

    The Board awaits our specification.

    Just make the line a color that isn't yellow. (Or make an infinitely short yellow line somewhere along the road).

  5. @Morningstar- If you are worried that you won't know how to play, we can get you a mentor (Aaryan seems to have offered). It might also be helpful to read some of the other TMMs (all the former Mafias should be titled now :) ). For me, I think just diving in did more than reading threads but each person is different so go with whichever choice you prefer. Remember, this is a Trainer's Manual so everyone is in the same boat (well, pretty much). ;)

    What I meant was that I might not have the time to play, so I didn't want to commit to it if I wasn't sure. If I do play, I think I will need a mentor. :thanks: !

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