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  1. Shouldn't the broadcast come before the lynch so if the broadcaster is scheduled to be lynched he/she can still broadcast a message? Also, can an RID be redirected?

  2. I can't do spoilers on iPad, but this answer is a bit of hoax, I judge.

    So showing it doesn't disclose the real (npi) solution.

    Normalizing the two numbers WRT their real parts reduces the multiplications to two.

    Of course, it ALSO requires two divisions, hardly creating a more efficient algorithm.

    a+bi x c+di = ac-bd +i (ad+bc) - four multiplications.


    a+bi = a(1+Bi).

    c+di = c(1+Di)

    Product = ac[1-BD +i(B+D)] - two multiplications.

    What does WRT mean?

    Also, how does a+bi = a(1+bi)?

  3. What does it mean that the NK is not blocking. Also, who takes the blame if the first of Edmund's siblings is killed by a redirected attack? Also, does broadcast always go through? Can the broadcast be blocked? Can the NK be blocked?

    Edit: Also, if the first of Edmund's siblings is killed at night, will he be informed?

  4. WiFoM is similar to the "This sentence is false" paradox. If it's true, then it's false, which means it's true, which means it's false, and you end up going in logical circles until your brain explodes. :thumbsup:

  5. :lol:

    If these are protein sequences that have been aligned and are portions of larger proteins, then the most highly conserved amino acid (and therefore the one I would most expect to be critical for the protein's function) is the V (valine) at the last position. Since sequence #3 has an S (serine) there instead, I would guess that #3 has a different function than the others and would in my eyes be most different.

    If these are protein sequences that are not necessarily correctly aligned, I would say that #6 is the most unlike the others because it has no charged resides, is mostly non-polar except for a serine, and it's the only one that has a cysteine capable of disulfide bonding.

    I noticed that there were no B, J, O, U, X, or Z in these sequences, going along with the theory of them being amino acids.

    My mind is exploding! :help:!

  6. Traffic to and from each city is separated by a yellow line.

    The Board was willing to concede that a rose by any other name smelled just as sweet.

    But when I forwarded your proposal to paint a yellow line of a non-yellow color,

    they just kind of got glassy eyed and looked confused.

    If we cover the yellow line, we can put the line in a quantum superposition of states. Then, it's both yellow and not yellow at the same time! Now, I'm not sure how that would help. (Maybe we can confuse the board enough that they'll agree with our proposals.) But anyway, why can't we make a line that's shorter than the road. There's nothing that says that the line has to go all the way along the road, merely that the traffic has to be separated. Or, we could put a sequence of infinitely short yellow lines. The cars will always be separated by at least one, but the length is still zero.

  7. Rules:

    This is a Witch Duel. The Human Side's goal is to use the Blue Truth to knock the roses off the shoulders of the Witch of Secrets and the Witch of Promises.

    You must announce which of the two Witches you are aiming for as you strike.

    Every strike with the Blue Truth will require evidence in its support. Evidence may be reused.

    It is possible to win using only information in the current thread, but the prior threads contain clues as well.

    Every guest may strike with the Blue Truth, including newcomers. Arrivals will be seated quickly, but may use Blue Truth in their first post.

    Guests do not need to wait for confirmation of prior exchanges in order to strike. Thus, many may strike before the Witches have a chance to reply.

    However, the same guest may not strike twice until another guest has had a chance to attack. Of course, a Blue Truth theory may contain multiple ideas. In addition, two guests from the same side of the table may not strike consecutively. If they do, all strikes but the first will be ignored.

    It is greatly preferable that Blue Truth be written in blue. If this is technically impossible, it may be denoted thus: (BLUE)The Tower is an amusement park.(BLUE)

    The table as it is now:


    Let the duel begin!

    Can two people from the same side attack different Witches? Also, if an attack is applicable to both questions, can we use the same attack twice?

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