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  1. para 2 and 3 have the most complex sentences i hav evr seen i even tried reading from the end of the sentence to the beginning hoping it would help.. but no....
  2. 6/(1-(5/7)) does any1 else face problem with spoiler button.. than OK and CANCEL button is not working for me... i click on it and nothig happens...
  3. spolier doesnt seem to work.. 33.55??
  4. hhh3


    i am very sorry.. the spoiler doesnt seem to work ... from the hint.. "we love brainden"
  5. no idea... i think u need to give a bit more info..
  6. oh.. yes.. thanks phil1882... i didnt really think about ""if a side is longer than the sum of the other two it doesn't form a triangle. "" now it jst bcame a lot more complicated than it first seemed
  7. hmmm.. cool.. thanks mmiguel..
  8. krizhelle.. wat??!! and by the way.... very good puzzle mmiguel... seemed very simple at first ... but took me half an hour and 2 pages full of writing equations with "x" in it..
  9. i don't get it.. what if he goes for the one with 99 balls and gets a red ball?
  10. hmm... there are 42 views and no answer... then i guess i missed the whole complexity of the Q somwer... here's a soln thats more like a
  11. ha ha... i tried to do the same... but with pen and paper... well.. not so surprisingly, no result yet....
  12. wel.. mutiple possibilities. or multiple Qs
  13. wel.. this is too mathematical for me.. any way i'm gonna tak a stab n the dark...
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