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  1. abhisk

    You know, I was just thinking of smiles too. Cool, I just thought like a great mind.
  2. abhisk

    Okay, lets see. I am really stumped on this one, but ill try some more.
  3. abhisk

    Woops, I pressed the post reply twice, so my post came in twice. This is the result. Sryy.
  4. abhisk

    Hey, Itachi-San, help us out a bit over here please. Can you tell if it is a weapon or money or something???
  5. I agree with Itachi, and i looked at the person who made this, and he last visited Aug. 9. I wonder what his answer is if it was not black
  6. abhisk

    OMG. If Felipe has the right answer, I wasted like, half an hour, looking for something different.
  7. Hahahahahahaha. I love this test. I didn't get fooled by it. Anyways, it is really weird how many people only read the first direction and then do it. I gotta show this to everyone i know.
  8. The woman was the priest person who marries the man to the woman, so of course she did not break any laws.
  9. <_< <_< <_< <_< <_< <_< You are second.
  10. abhisk

    Ha. You almost got me there, but the answer is
  11. Dang it, I should not have looked at the hint. Obviously, first person to come in mind is Washington. Then I realized that it is a nickel.
  12. abhisk

    I do not think so, because you would have to assume that he is referring to the time at the moment.
  13. abhisk


    The next three would be E, N, T. <_<
  14. abhisk

    Yeah, i think Itachi's got it right. This one had me gone.
  15. abhisk

    Yes, I think i have it. By the way, these are so not easy.
  16. abhisk

    A lady had a penguin in her car. A policeman saw her and said," You have to take the penguin to the zoo." The next day, the policeman saw the lady with the penguin again. He said,"I thought i told you to take it to the zoo." The lady replied," I did! Today I am taking him to the beach."
  17. abhisk

    Dang, that was a pretty hard one. I got stumped and looked at the other posts.
  18. hahahahha :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: This is stupid. NEW DOOR=ONE WORD. LOL
  19. abhisk

    This has already been posted, but the answer is that Adam and Eve <_<
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