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  1. abhisk

    lol whats the new site

  2. is actually back

    1. EDM


      Then come play Mafia in MM!!! :D

    2. peace*out
  3. hey there :D welcome to the den

  4. is having fun xD

  5. WOW you live in hawaiii so lucky :D

  6. I cant get into the URL for some reason, it says im not allowed to enter the page. :(

  7. Lol, i'm not that good at drawing.(I wish) It came from some manga which i can't put my finger on right now.

  8. Hi, I was wondering, how do you change other peoples reputation? Thanks. :D

  9. no...come back! :D WoTm has started now!

  10. Hey slick, are you actually a senator? Thats so cool if you are xD

  11. Happy Birthday GM!

  12. Hey! Thanx for that 5* :D. I think I know from where, that one site that you had and it was also a forum, and then I kept on emailing you because I needed to know the rules or something. Who knows?

  13. Wow. All i can say is that without you the Den would be a completely different place.

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