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  1. For example, E7 would be England

    Nice work, if you really haven't used any reference material.
  2. Using the grid mentioned by CaptainEd, I entered numbers 1-16 in the grid.
  3. Impossible Paper

    Couldn't draw better
  4. Modular Factorial

    Working on a proof...
  5. I remember it is Morris number sequence. When I started learning programming, it was one of the assignments to print first n elements of the sequence.
  6. Simple set theory questions. But i think, U should do your homework.
  7. I think...
  8. Thanks thoughtfulfellow. Now the question does make sense.
  9. The diagram is not correct for a regular hexagon and regular pentagon. If they share a coordinate, they can not share the opposite side. Anyhow, from the diagram it seems you are asking for the internal angle of a regular pentagon which Thalia has answered. But then why is the hexagon in the picture? Something is missing. Please clarify.