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  1. DeathStone0000


    Question: Why can't atheists solve exponential equations? Answer: Because they don't believe in higher powers.
  2. Edit: I just realized how tiresome my solution is.
  3. Am I supposed to take this as a complement then? :)
  4. I'm excited about getting updates on a manga/manhwa that I am reading.......
  5. What's on my mind?...probably something worthless.... =_=""

  6. *reads the joke* ... *reads it again* ... *searches google* ... ... ... ...no comment.....
  7. Rule 1: I'm never wrong. Rule 2: If I am wrong, please refer to rule 1. - L

  8. I must apologize for the thing about the bananas... I didn't know those were sold in dozens...And I most certainly did not know that bananas aren't supposed to be placed in paper bags... Anyway, the right answer was supposed to be the man wearing a thick coat...so if anybody answered incorrectly because of the misunderstanding, I apologize...
  9. When you want to make a building completely robber-proof, there is only one guy to call: Tony Pendragon, the master safe cracker and detective. When Money Co. called Pendragon and asked him to fix security up in their main bank, he told them about his method. First, he'd rob them. Then, he'd find a way to make it impossible to rob them. No one in the bank knew when and where Pendragon would strike. But David Luckett, Director of Security at Money Co., was determined to stop him. "We'll show this know-it-all what security's really about," he told his chief assistant, Aldrich. "Double
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