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  1. yeah. I have to work on my riddles.
  2. A census taker asked a housewife how many people lived in her house and what their ages were. The housewifetold him that three daughters lived in the house, and the product of their ages was 36. She also told him that the sum of their ages was the house number of the blue house next door. The census taker left and discovered that the house number of the blue house was 13. He came back and told the housewife that he didn't have enough information. The housewife sighed and said, "My oldest daughter is sleeping upstairs." The census taker thanked her and promptly figured out the ages of all three
  3. A woman goes to a store because she wants to buy something for her house. When she asks the price, the shopkeeper says, "The price of one is twelve cents. The price of fourty four is 24 cents, and the price of one hundred fourty four is thirty six cents." What does the woman want to buy?
  4. You're at fault if you don't halt When I'm the color of blood. Sorry if this is too easy.
  5. Some have me. Some crave me. I'm colorful, I come in all shapes and sizes. I'm sometimes hot, and sometimes cool. And if you're scared, I'm the first one who rises.
  6. The man who makes it doesn't use it. The man who buys it doesn't need it. The man who uses it doesn't know he is using it.
  7. thanks!!! I'm trying my hardest!

  8. Roots to the trunk, On this backward thing, grows in the winter, dies in the spring. What is it?
  9. One tooth to bite, He's the forest foe, One tooth to fight, As all Norse know. What is he? (this is not part of the riddle, but how in the world can you think of origonal titles? This is hard!!!!)
  10. All about, but cannot be seen, Can be captured, but not held. Has no throat, but can be heard. What is it?
  11. I am so simple that I can only point Yet I guide men All over the world. What am I?
  12. You must keep it after giving it.
  13. Colored as the maiden tweaked, Time was naught when I began, Through the garden I was sneaked, I alone am the fall of man. Who am I?
  14. hmmm... what do all of these answers have in common??? yup, ur all right. I AM NINJA!!!!!!
  15. Nope. Good job for not peeking at the answer, though!
  16. That's a good answer, and it would probably work, but that's not mine.
  17. Ok, people! This one might make your minds spin... But don't think too hard on it! All I want to know is what everyone's full name is, and which car they drove... Three cars had driven into a parking lot at the excact same time. They all left their cars to the attendant to park. Unfortunately, he isn't too good at remembering excactly which driver drove what car. However, he is sure of 6 facts: 1. Collin drove the BMW only if Mr. Cooper drove the Avenger. 2.Alan drove the Cortina only if Mr. Cooper drove the BMW. 3. Collin is Mr. Brown only if Mr. Andrews drove the BMW. 4.Brian
  18. nope. It was 5000 feet up in the air.
  19. Yup. Was it that easy?
  20. I herald the darkness which descends on all creatures, You will know my approach by moans and wracked features, I visit hippo, hyena, and horse, But never snail and spider, of course. I would cirlcle the glove, leaping from one to the other,' Should all the world's peopler clasp hands together. What am I?
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