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  1. I run smoother than any rhyme, love to fall, but cannot climb. what am I???
  2. deannadream

    the man was magical and poofed the boy away?
  3. what happened in 1961 that would not happen for another 4000 years?
  4. yup!!! Scary thought, though, making stuff for dead people. But it's a way to make money, so it's ok.
  5. I heard it from my friend. She asked me it, and I had no clue. She told me the answer, but I still didn't quite understand it.
  6. yup, ur right. dude, ur GOOD!!!! How'd you get so good at riddles???
  7. its not sound. Well, its a sound, but not sound in general.
  8. that is what I met, though... TURNED upside-down. Sorry for the wrong wording, everyone.
  9. ur on the right track
  10. yes, you can ask yes or no questions. And so far, no one has been right.
  11. A lady bought a pair of blood-red high-heels. She wore them to work the next day for the first time, and died. How did she die?
  12. What five letter word, when its spelled in capital letters, is the same upside-down?
  13. nope. But maybe these can all work, though. Try to think of the origonal answer.
  14. Oh. That makes sense. How do you guys know EVERYTHING?????
  15. nope. If he ate it, the princess and everyone would want to know which one he picked. When they looked at the other one, it would say Death, so they would all think that he chose the slip saying Princess.
  16. I like riddles. They're really fun to solve!!! But it looks as if mine are getting too easy! Hmmm...

  17. Woah, you're good!!!
  18. what is norse, though?
  19. A young man tried to marry the princess, but the king found out and offered him a sporting chance. He would place two slips of paper in a box, one marked Death, and one marked Princess. To decide his fate, the young man would be blindfolded and chose one paper. The young man found out that the king didn't want him to marry the princess, therefore intending to mark both slips as Death. The young man got the princess in spite of this. How?
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