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  1. Four men sat down to play,

    They played all night till break of day.

    They played for gold and not for fun,

    With seperate scores for everyone.

    When they had come to square accounts,

    They all had made quite fair amounts.

    Can you the paradox explain,

    If no one lost, how all could gain?

  2. you use your unlimited supply of rope to fill the gap between the two poles and walk across but then you would need a cubic mile of rope to get close to fill the gap lol

    he does do it this way, but how can he do it? Personally, I can't throw anything a mile away...

  3. Wellll!

    Climb down to the ground, walk to the other pole. Just leave the rope behind, that much would be too heavy to carry

    ya,he wants to get to the top. And it'll be kinda hard crawling up a smooth, mile-high pole with no ledges or anything.

  4. or maybe she can try to take the nail out of the floor, and creep up on the man, and threaten him with it or something. Or she can wail or something, saw "my head hurts" really loud, and act as if she's just waking up. The guy might come running to her again, and maybe tell her to shut up, and bring her somewhere, with steven?

  5. Yup. Someone finally got the answer!!! But I absolutely LOVE all the possibilities you guys are coming up with. They're positively absolutely awsomenly awesome!!!!

    She works in the circus for a guy who shoots apples off of her head while blindfolded, today he shoots her in the head because she's several inches taller?

  6. You are on one of two giant metal poles, each a mile high. They are a mile apart. You want to get to the other pole, and you have a small twig, a small rock, and an unlimited supply of rope.

    How do you get to the other pole?

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