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  1. Sorry, just got on :/ Interesting day :/ Anyway why TheChad?
  2. ... So does that mean you're a baddie...
  3. @Tole: You trust me too easily because I am trustworthy (I usually trust you too since, you usually seem trustworthy and are logical enough ) Host: GM 1. hotterthnfire 2. mew 3. flamebride - voting for - TheChad 4. TheChad 5. smoth333 - voting for 'Cat'astrophe 6. 'Cat'astrophe 7. maurice - killed by the Baddies 8. mboon - voting for Hotterthnfire 9. tolecnal - voting for mboon 10. curr3nt - trapped for the day - cannot be voted for or vote Since Hotterthnfire seemed active yesterday, but has not posted yet It could just be as Shadow said, but this'll give him a reason to vote
  4. lol "rising action" all this talk about papers make me feel like I need to get working on mine :/
  5. Just a heads up, will most likely be on only during early mornings (8 am PST (GMT - 8)), some afternoons (3-5 pm) and evening (10pm ish) After typing this up, I realize that it seems like a lot of time... :/
  6. mboon

    Newbie Mafia

    Wait, it's started? I haven't gotten a message... Edit: Totally confused...
  7. mboon

    Newbie Mafia

    Yesss!!! Last day of midterm was today too!!! Yesss!!! It's good all around XDD
  8. mboon

    Newbie Mafia

    I am kinda glad it's been put off so late, midterms are just about done so I will actually have some time by the end of this week
  9. mboon

    Desktop Mafia

    I'm only playing TMM because they are a lot lighter than what yours is going to be like (especially with everyone basically going against most everyone else and allying with people would be difficult since no one wants to reveal who they are). It's too much for my schedule this quarter :/ Sorry
  10. You guys should have Mafia General Questions thread since I have no idea where to post my general questions So here goes: I keep hearing references to Coup of Rhotus mafia and etc, but I don't see them here, are they in MM? Also, how does the queue work? Is it only for the games here? Do you discuss mafia game ideas here and then ask to be put in the queue (no, I don't have a mafia working in the back of my head, this question is for future reference)?
  11. mboon

    Newbie Mafia

    XD I have a bit too much on my plate this quarter (quarter system is weird for college, but Iove it), but I couldn't help signing up XDD
  12. mboon

    Newbie Mafia

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GM 1. hotterthnfire 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 'Cat'astrophe 7. 8. mboon 9. 10. Sakura-chan Mentors: 1. 2. 3. This is so bad, I can't believe I am signing up :/ (XD)
  13. @Smoth: So you didn't redirect me? Weird, I was redirected N1 from Cat to MiKi, but if you redirected Hidden G, who redirected me? Edit: Oh, and remember, I'm a girl XD
  14. @Tole: Because I'm always a goodie, I've never once been a baddie
  15. Nice everyone XD (Is it just me or have the goodies been winning a lot lately?)
  16. Okay, I kinda hinted at my role since I appeared on DP and was redirected N1 so hopefully you can put those two together with my other posts Also, my action did not appear in N2 since I acted on Sakura and she was RID Killed (I was kinda sad since it was a waste of an action on my part) Soo I'm a goodie. Cat? Edit: I won't be able to change my vote after this time since I have classes all day (9-5) :/ Sorry
  17. Sorry about the double post I totally forgot, but why don't I start this off: Hosts: kristmark1 and Maurice 2. tolecnal 3. Hidden G 4. Tralala! 5. mboon voting for Tralala! 6. smoth 8. 'Cat'astrophe 9. MiKi Dead: 1. plasmid - Night Killed by baddies. 7. Sakura-chan - Rid killed by Spike and Tuffy. I feel like most people have spoken up except Tra, so why shouldn't we lynch you today?
  18. She couldn't be Meathead because you redirected her and Meathead was not redirected XD Anyway yay!!!!!
  19. I asked about Krist in a pm and he said it was "special" so there are most likely more than one redirects and I had only claimed that the redirect may not have been used on you because I thought there was only one redirect. @Tole: Oh!! I think you're right...Krist? (And if you are then my whole logic in the post before is incorrect, except for the "special" redirect)
  20. I only doubted Tole being Jerry until Krist confirmed that there are multiple redirects, a "special" redirect, I should say. Now that we know that redirects do not appear explicitly on NP we cannot know for sure who was or was not redirected. So it's now your word (that you were not redirected) against Tole's (that she redirected you to Plasmid, which means you are not Meathead since Block>Redirect). Since both of your and Tole's words create a contradiction, one of you must be a baddie, so you are either a goodie or Butch. And if Jerry comes out we can lynch Tole during the Day or RID her (though she could be either Butch or Meathead, there's nothing that I can see that says one over the other).
  21. Well, now we trust Tole because no one is contradicting her :/ So if Jerry is not Tole then Jerry should out himself/herself because then we would know to RID Tole :/ At this point the only possible person other than Tole being Jerry is Sakura because everyone else seems to agree that Jerry come out if Tole is not Jerry. So Sakura, are you Jerry?
  22. @Sak: It doesn't make sense to think Plasmid is a baddie at all. Kristmark said there is no such thing as a self-block and since Plasmid was blocked, he can't be Butch who acted last night :/ And Tole claimed Jerry and no one is counterclaiming at all so basically you want two people who are not baddies dead? This doesn't make sense :/ unless you are a baddie :/
  23. There's a special action which is most likely a redirect at this point in time, though that may change, and I think it was Tom who had the special ability :/ I also know "accident" was a hint of a redirect like action :/ Also the N1 NP doesn't say that you, Plasmid, were Tyke's target.
  24. It does not show up in NP but Krist did use the words "tried" and "accidentally" in N1 NP which may show redirects or something...and Miki, I understand you I hope you don't misunderstand me :/
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