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  1. Last night I targeted Mew, since I wanted to be sure that I was going to nk someone. It was actually a toss up between Curr and Mew, I knew Mew was Pikachu, so I decided to get rid of her since she would have definitely been able to change votes during the day. And yes, I am a girl
  2. I think you were only suspected because of how hard you were defending Flame in the beginning (Though you shouldn't listen too much to me since I'm half delirious right now)
  3. Good game guys, and that was tough at the end there I would have loved to have won as my first time as a baddie, but w/e, there's always next time XD
  4. I am not a baddie :/ If Curr is Marth then why don't you ask him why he didn't act N2? I didn't act because I think that was the night Brainden was down and I couldn't get on, then I was gone for the rest of the day. For N1 I didn't act because I kinda forgot to send in my action (GM was getting on ppl's cases remember?)
  5. Well, I did come back. Marth apparently didn't act NIght Two either and Curr was not trapped. I am not a baddie, why would I not have switched my vote to Mew the last Day if I was not a baddie, wouldn't that have made more sense? Looking at the votes, I have voted for the baddie every single time they were up. Curr has not. Edit: And you can redirect yourself, ask the GM if you don't believe me
  6. Sorry, seriously, it's been a long day and it's going to be a long night. First off, I am not a baddie, and why wouldn't Marth target him/herself? Apparently you've been more spontaneous and sporadic. Curr, you are definitively the most suspicious right now, you were the one suggesting you were a baddie the whole game. You were also the one who came up with the idea of Chad being framed, and voting for Mew. As the GM said, if there were more discussion on that issue, theChad would prbly be alive right now, and we would be losing. So: Host: GM 1. hotterthnfire - lynched and found to be Kirby 2. mew - killed by the Baddies 3. flamebirde - lynched and found to be Halo 4. TheChad - lynched and found to be Call of Duty 5. smoth333 - voting for curr3nt 6. 'Cat'astrophe 7. maurice - killed by the Baddies 8. mboon - voting for curr3nt 9. tolecnal - killed by the Baddies 10. curr3nt - voting for mboon
  7. So it goes, and therefore as Smoth said, Link, go with your gut
  8. I think Link should do w/e b/c at this point it's all WIFOM, I mean the baddies may think Link will save Smoth b/c he's the only known goodie, then the baddies will of course be targeting anyone but Smoth, and then the person they target is dead. Just do what you think is best Link Edit: Will kinda be MIA b/c multiple exams tmrw and cs project and history paper on Wed.
  9. Nice!! One more to go and we win
  10. Yes, you can, it's only when you're trapped that you can't talk and @Current, thanks for the clarification
  11. I am confused, why would GM tell you not to do something?
  12. Tole vouched for you, and Tole is now dead therefore Tole was prbly a goodie and prbly Falco. Chad was blocked and trap did not go through so: 1. hotterthnfire - lynched and found to be Kirby 2. mew 3. flamebirde - lynched and found to be Halo 4. TheChad 5. smoth333 - voting for TheChad 6. 'Cat'astrophe 7. maurice - killed by the Baddies 8. mboon - voting for TheChad 9. tolecnal - killed by the Baddies 10. curr3nt
  13. All I know is that Curr should be trustworthy since the NK on him did not go through. I am pretty sure (90%) he's just messing with us when he put forward the idea of him NKing himself :/ That's about it for me...
  14. Yes!! We got one, we totally got this in the bag XD
  15. We got this in the bag then
  16. Link maybe, Falco no, I'll go back and look
  17. Anyone want to counter claim? Or did anyone spy him last night?
  18. Okay, so I just got on, and I'm going for: Flame. It was just way too suspicious to change the voting, and if you're really not a baddie, it may be best to out yourself soon. Host: GM 1. hotterthnfire - lynched and found to be Kirby 2. mew - voting for flamebirde 3. flamebride - voting for 'Cat'astrophe 4. TheChad - voting for mew 5. smoth333 - Trapped - can't talk or be voted for or vote 6. 'Cat'astrophe - flamebird 7. maurice - killed by the Baddies 8. mboon - voting for flamebirde 9. tolecnal - voting for flamebirde 10. curr3nt - voting for mboon Heads up I'm not sure I'll be able to change my vote later, but I'll try to get on before Day ends.
  19. Nice Link! XD So Current is for sure not a baddie and now the question is why trap Smoth? Does it really make sense to trap someone to remove doubt? Unless...it's so we can't vote for him? But...hmmmm...
  20. Everyone has a mentor right? Why don't we just have TheChad's mentor step up?
  21. I agree with Smoth, why not Flame? Why Smoth and Cat?
  22. Thanks for that Current before I read your post I was totally for Smoth being a goodie and doing what he said, and now because of this: "And if you have read any previous games...appearing to be helpful is a baddie tactic that I've used before to good effect" I am seriously wifoming here, since Smoth did kinda go for Chad after Tole suggested it...but Smoth's logic makes so much sense (if a bit straightforward)...Thanks Current... Edit: I don't think Pikachu would redirect, it doesn't make sense
  23. I agree with Smoth lol but seriously, why would Flame do that?
  24. :/ (That's all I have to say :/)
  25. I am so confused :/ What happened?
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