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  1. is practicing the Rubik's Cube. I have got it down to 35 seconds. Somehow I always get that record while listening to Monster by Meg &Dia.

    1. Aaryan


      incredible... I can't even get two sides...

    2. TheCube


      I call myself The CUBE for a reason. lol

  2. Aren't the 6 suppose to be 9s? And by eggshell do you egg's hell or egg shell? Just asking
  3. Thanks Aaryan! I heard that you were going to put that on this. Here's one: -In your spare time, you finally found the end of pi.
  4. TheCube

    Aaryan has it. Hidden, the second guess is close but not it. Edit: Welcome to BrainDen, Hidden G!
  5. TheCube

    I thought that the Jingle Bells one was this (Only the first part): Jingle Bells, shotgun shells Grandma laid an egg Rudolph got a .22 and shot Santa in the head.
  6. TheCube

    Just Because Day

    Apparently I was 8 days late because me and my girlfriend went to see The Fast and the Furious Five. Edit: And yes, I know this is
  7. TheCube

    Seveny Rollo

    I know this seems but there is something funny I used to do with some substitute teachers. If they asked if there were any ABSENCEs (the word not including the s at the end) we would say someone we made up called Nobody Johnson was absent. Maybe he's real since he has 5 points. (Note: I know he is not real but I am just saying. . .)
  8. TheCube

    Sixy Rollo

    For some reason I thought that was like a code or something so I thought it fitted like some GLOVES
  9. TheCube

    Do You YouTube?

    You can tell a lot about me from these videos. I like Rubik's Cubes and the Warrior cats as you can tell.
  10. TheCube

    Nope. Thanks Aaryan. I am thinking about putting up one each week.
  11. is wondering if he is really an advanced member if he has been here for two and a half weeks.

    1. Aaryan


      Indeed. It goes by number of posts you have made.


      20-99=Junior Member

      100-499=Advanced Member

      500-999= Senior Member

      1000+ you can change your title

  12. TheCube

    Nope. Good try though!!!
  13. TheCube

    Seveny Rollo

    You TOUCHED (touche in past tense) me. Not touch in past tense.
  14. TheCube

    Sixy Rollo

    It is ???O?? because I tried the D in BROODS with BROOMS and it didn't work, and since it isn't it, the only change was the O and I in BROODS and BROILS. STRODE
  15. TheCube

    Seveny Rollo

    "STUPIDLY" if I am not wrong is 8 letters.I think that might not be ALLOWED
  16. TheCube

    Could it possibly be
  17. TheCube

    Seveny Rollo

    Oh, I just realize that Wombat gets 5 points for my incorrect logic.
  18. TheCube

    I hope to make a series about Solver and her cases. Here is one of her mysteries: There was a deranged suspect on the loose, and who else would be on the case but Katy Solver. She believes that he sent his victim an E-mail to tell her that she was about to die. In the drawer on the desk that the suspect's computer was a hint to the password to his E-mail account and the computer. It said "ShE IS ILL" on that card. Solver tried to type that into the computer, but it didn't unlock. After a few moments, she typed in the correct password to his computer and E-mail account and found the E-mail in his Sent folder. What was the password to the suspect's computer and E-mail account?
  19. TheCube

    I always wanted to try to have a role playing kind of Warriors game.
  20. TheCube

    Sixy Rollo

    Dang it! BROILS
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