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  1. It is ???O??

    because I tried the D in BROODS with BROOMS and it didn't work, and since it isn't it, the only change was the O and I in BROODS and BROILS.


  2. I hope to make a series about Solver and her cases. Here is one of her mysteries:

    There was a deranged suspect on the loose, and who else would be on the case but Katy Solver.

    She believes that he sent his victim an E-mail to tell her that she was about to die.

    In the drawer on the desk that the suspect's computer was a hint to the password to his E-mail account and the computer.

    It said "ShE IS ILL" on that card. Solver tried to type that into the computer, but it didn't unlock.

    After a few moments, she typed in the correct password to his computer and E-mail account and found the E-mail in his Sent folder.

    What was the password to the suspect's computer and E-mail account?


    If O then the 5th letter is D since



    the M and D is the only change

    If it is not, I'm going to be mad because it took a long time to type this.

  4. CHORD

    FLAME - 0

    AEONS - 1

    TRUST - 0

    RATED - 1

    RATES - 0

    FRONT - 1

    SPEED - 1

    CHORD - 5

    maurice - 5

    Wombat - 25

    TheCube - 7 (I believe)

  5. ?????

    FLAME - 0

    AEONS - 1

    TRUST - 0

    RATED - 1

    Edit: How come you all are always on when I'm not?!?!?!?

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