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  1. There was a homeless man that was looking through the window to a restaurant. He notice a chef making a wonderful smelling soup. When the chef was going to get some pepper for the soup, the homeless guy climbed through the window to smell the wonderful soup. He apparently inhaled for too long because the chef came and found him smelling the soup. He called the cops, and Katy Solver came to the case.

    Solver interrogated them. Solver asked why the chef called the police if the begger only smelled the soup. The chef said the smell was through many expensive and fancy spices and ingredients so it must be paid for. Solver was pondering this until she saw a woman drop something from her handbag. Solver smiled and said, "I shall pay for the begger's smell for soup."

    However, the chef didn't receive a single penny. What did Solver use to pay for the begger's smell of soup?

  2. I know this seems :offtopic: but there is something funny I used to do with some substitute teachers. If they asked if there were any ABSENCEs (the word not including the s at the end) we would say someone we made up called Nobody Johnson was absent. Maybe he's real since he has 5 points. (Note: I know he is not real but I am just saying. . .)

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