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  1. I'm interested, but where are the rules? Like, "block," "NK," "RID," etc.

    What's an NK?

    An NK ia a night kill, a block is a way to stop a certain person's action(s), and i am not 100% sure how to describe RID Kill but here goes nothing:

    An RID Kill is an action in which a player can kill another if they know their role

  2. Albert Einstein, Blaise Pascal, and Isaac Newton were playing hide-and-seek. Einstein counted to twenty and Pascal ran off, but Newton just drew a square in the ground around himself with a stick. Einstein turned around, saw Newton, and said, "I've found you!" Newton looked confused. "No," he said, "You've found one Newton per square meter. You've found Pascal!"


  3. I say 5 points for winning with positive

    3 points for winning with negative

    1 point for getting a positive and not winning/

    & - 1 point for getting a negative and not winning

    or and also

    12, -3456, -789

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