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  1. Host: Aaryan

    1. marksmanjay

    2. MiKi

    3. psykomakia - Trapped by Monopoly

    4. MikeD

    5. gvg

    6. EDM

    7. Flamebirde

    8. mew

    9. Molly Mae - Trapped by Chess

    10. Hidden G - voting for Miki

    11. mboon - voting for Flamebride

    12. TheCube - voting for MiKi


    13. curr3nt - Killed Night 1 by the Baddies


    1. Thalia

    2. Brainiac100


    This for three reasons ( 1 is unnecessary, though)

    1. I have no clue

    2. Hidden G had the starting and I hopped onto the bandwagon and

    3. (The unnecessary one) MiKi killed me in TMMXI :mad:

    edit: adding mboons vote.

  2. *cleans knife and puts it away* And that's why she should have never ticked me off. ^_^

    Lol, jk, I'm not a murderer.

    And that's why you should show a less intimidating weapon before you go to a TASER FIGHT!

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  3. Atlanta Falcons - 23

    Carolina Panthers - 18

    Washington Redskins - 17

    Dallas Cowboys - 16

    Green Bay Packers - 16

    New Orleans Saints - 16

    Seattle Seahawks - 16

    San Francisco 49ers - 15

    Chicago Bears - 15

    Detroit Lions - 15

    St. Louis Rams - 13

    Arizona Cardinals - 12

    New York Giants - 10

    Philadelphia Eagles - 4

    ++ Washington Redskins

    -- st. louis rams

    -- philly eagles

  4. Host: TheCube

    1. MikeD



    4. gvg

    5. psykomakia



    8. Brainiac100









    1. Thal



    Had to add another spot on the signups because of the new role.

    @Thal: Oh, ok

  5. well that's something that i forgot to add to the update which I thought I did, but anyways, as previously stated, if the indy accomplishes the first wincon, then they are pulled out of the game and the game still goes on.

    Edit: Also, I don't know what you mean by sc**** thal.

  6. Goodies: WinCon: to eliminate all of the baddies.

    Darren Shan - RID Kill

    Alice Burgress - Block

    Vancha March - Save

    Harkat Mulds - Redirect

    Debbie Hemlock - Spy

    Larten Crepsley - Die Roll (1 - Spy, 2 - Block, 3 - Save, 4 - Trap, 5 - Redirect, 6 - RID Kill)

    Lady Evanna - Trap

    Baddies: WinCon: gain majority over the goodies, has BTSC

    Steve "Leopard" Leonard - NK

    Gannen Harst - Redirect

    Desmond Tiny - Every night, chooses between the roles of block and spy

    In the BTSC, baddies get to choose one of three secret abilities.

    Indy: WinCon: Eliminate Steve Leopard and identify Larten Crepsley and Darren Shan

    Madam Octa - chooses between RID Kill and spy every night

    Alternate WinCon: Survive until the end.

  7. Here's the OOP

    Trap>>RID Kill>>RID Kill>>Redirect>Redirect>Block>Block>>Save>>NK>>Spy>Spy>Spy

    Once again, feel free to comment on it

    @Thalia, hopefully the OOP will even it out.

    Edit: good idea g, wait one moment I have to update the character anyways.

  8. the whole faction picks a secret ability, so the secret ability is still intact because at least one baddie is still alive.

    Btw, if the indy can't kill steve, the alternative WinCon is to stay til the end. If madam octa finishes the first wincon, then the are pulled out of the game.

  9. Awesome!!! I used to love that series!!

    Let's say Desmond Tiny picks NK. If he is killed, does the baddie's NK power disappear?

    what do you as in picks NK, as the secret ability or his role for the night?

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