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  1. Just before my one month anniversary on BrainDen, I have 400 posts!!!!!

    1. EDM


      AWESOME!!! :D :D :D

    2. peace*out


      :D yay! hmmmm...can you get *500!!!* :D
    3. Aaryan


      That's awesome! Darn... It took me 4 MONTHS to get 500, but you will have it in 1-2 weeks. :D

  2. k!lled the rad!o star.

    1. Hidden G

      Hidden G

      ???? what are u remembering?

    2. TheCube


      ! remember th!s from MTV.

  3. Lets say that it can impersonate a hurricane very well.

  4. Life is going well in the chicken country, lawl. The chickens crow a lot but I get used to it.

  5. looked at the help toolbar in the fast reply toolbox and i use my username in it! For some reason, it said "TheCube rules this sight." WHAT THE.....????

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    2. Anon26


      Mine said:

      Anon26 runs this site

      I had never bothered using help before, just checked it coz you mentioned.

    3. TheCube


      I was wonderin how people put those Youtube vids on the topic for them.

    4. Anon26


      I think there is a youtube tag, like:

      the link

  6. Man I knew I forgot somethin! HAPPPPPPPPIEEEEEEEE BDAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Maybe something about mafia like

    Possible Goodie (You decide) or something like that, maybe?

  8. Maybe. But I think Ill be the experienced backup now if i were.

  9. My best average is about 48 seconds. My best time of all time is 27.73.

  10. my cousin David died in Indiana, everyone please pray for him. I am going to be going to his funeral in Indiana.

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    2. Anon26


      May his soul rest in peace...

    3. EDM


      R.I.P David.....:'(

      Cubie...my deepest heartfelt condolences to you and your family..... :'(

    4. TheCube
  11. My friend was born on Christmas too.

  12. My name Falling Rock! - Little Indian Dude

  13. No but the trees creaked very loudly and swayed wildly with the wind and it was raining so it seemed like one.

  14. OMG I just realized that we have a new record for most people on here at once: 188! It was broken July 13, Firday of all days!

  15. rode down a river,tired as #$!@*&%$

  16. somewhat knew who the baddies were in TMMIV before I was killed.

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    2. Akriti


      And BTW, welcome to the maf!! :)

    3. Anon26


      It happens,

      but it was exactly the reason why you were killed.

      Coz you somewhat knew the baddies.

      and never forget,

      baddies somewhat knew you too.

      ; ) :D

    4. TheCube


      Well, I just knew absolelutely who it was. The others I just guessed because the baddies would seem to have voted with that positive one. But there was a lot of guessing in the process though as you can tell in TMMIV.

  17. Songs have like a beat to it while poems sometimes dont.

  18. Thats l!ke a new record for most r!ddles !n a day on Bra!nDen. Anyways, WELCOME TO BRA!NDEN, DEAN!!!!!

  19. The A/C will probably stop because of using it to cool us in this Coastal heat.

    I'm at the beach. How hot is it usually up there?

  20. This day is lazy to me, however I am lazy to the day as well.

  21. trying to finish the guidelines to make TMM XII

  22. Watching the yogscast and looking on the BD, IMPOSSIBUL!!!!!

  23. we need u now in the 4 letters ROLLO :P


  24. Welcome to BrainDen MafiosaFox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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