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  1. btw, the reason ! am us!ng exclamat!on marks !nstead of eyes (the letter) !s because the ! button the keyboard !s stuck.

    1. Akriti


      Ha ha ha.............

      and I thought it's your new style :D

    2. Anon26


      A way to write "I" is that keep that "Alt" key pressed. Then write "73" with Numpad (Its the Ascii for I). for smaller "i", type, "105" while keeping alt key pressed.

      Note: It works with Numpad only.

      I too thought that it was your new style or somethin.

    3. Anon26


      Sorry fella.

      I just experimented and found out you can only use small i with 105 only.

      you can write capital "I".

      Its because,

      the ASCII of 7 is something that will mess with your browser and you eill end up with the effect of backing your page.

      So when you just type in the "7" of "73", your webpage would go back.

      I dunno why this is happening, specially coz ASCII of backspace is 16

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