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Status Updates posted by TheCube

  1. OMG I just realized that we have a new record for most people on here at once: 188! It was broken July 13, Firday of all days!

  2. trying to finish the guidelines to make TMM XII

  3. good to see you back!

  4. rode down a river,tired as #$!@*&%$

  5. GOODBYE!!! I am leavin for four days for the ntnl. jr. beta convention!

  6. Went pig hunting, got a hog, went to DQ, and felt sick. CURSE YOU PIG HUNTING!!!!!! lol

  7. Finished VBS!!!

    1. Brainiac100


      VBS? What's that?

    2. TheCube


      Vacation Bible School

  8. My name Falling Rock! - Little Indian Dude

  9. Im gonna be helpin with VBS

  10. its so dark and its only morning.

  11. Welcome to the Den!!

  12. is rocking to Skillet!!!!!

  13. Hey, why have you been downing nearly everyones post?!?!?!?

  14. imma so bored!

    1. Brainiac100


      Nice avatar... :-P

    2. TheCube
    3. TheCube


      In fact, I made that avatar because of PURE BOREDOM!!!!

  15. Watching the yogscast and looking on the BD, IMPOSSIBUL!!!!!

  16. Welcome to the Den!!

  17. This day is lazy to me, however I am lazy to the day as well.

  18. Welcome to BrainDen MafiosaFox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. For some reason, I'd think it would be cool if there was a community YouTube page for BrainDen. Idk why though

  20. I"m BAC K FINALLY!!!!

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKRILLEX!!!!! i know its MLK day (in the U.S.) . . .but . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKRILLEX!!!!!

    1. MissKitten


      OMIGOD you like him too? Skrillex is AWESOME. So, in accordance with that fact....

      HAPPY [*cough cough* belated *cough*] BIRTHDAY SKRILLEX!

    2. TheCube
  22. Is BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! feels good to be back. And rookie sent me an email for a special christmas riddle since I was 'devoted' from may 11. Thats sort of a lie. . . but im BACKKKKKKKKK! thats the important thing

    1. MissKitten


      Lawlz! Welcome back, cubie. We missed your spunk.

    2. TheCube


      thanks. . .sort of?

  23. Yo Aaryan, do you have a Youtube account?

  24. do you know what ur yuotube channels name I 4got it and wanna check it out.

  25. Hey guys I know I am becoming dead but I have a lot of school to be doing and I probably won't be on here in a while. So this basically my update telling you that im alright

    1. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae

      Good to hear, man. Good luck with school.

      Let me know if you wanna go hunting or something some weekend.

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