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  1. Water lilly

  2. only allowed 1

  3. When Life gives you Lemons open a lemonade stand and make some money to buy something you actually want.
  4. i am in college and my writing 102 professor tried the DHMO thing with my class and gave us a several page packet. only thing she forgot to take into account is that the majority of students at my college are premed and/or science majors. needless to say as soon as she showed us the packet all but 2 or 3 kids knew right away it was water. it was funny for us but the professor was slightly dissappointed.
  5. I wrote it out and used trail and error. I think it works. the robot starts on three and will dig twelve holes
  6. You know you're a math nerd when...

    when your in college and are taking calc 3 and relize 1.) that you are the youngest in the class and one of only two freshmen in your class of about 100 2.) TA's for other classes you take are taking the calc class 3.) you play games on your phone because the work is to easy and still are one of the first to notice when the professor makes a mistake and last but not least 4.) you find the class easy and cant wait untill next semester to take calc 4 I Calculus
  7. You know you're a math nerd when...

    when you integrate calculus terms into normal conversation