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  1. @dee - Isn't it enough to lynch me? You have to interrupt my pentuple posts as well?!
  2. Not everything appears in the NP. Oh well. It kind of sucks if hypo died n1. Do the sane have a secondary wincon? I wish baddies could act on self. I could have accused plasmid of being the other baddie (self killed n1. Secret indy redirect!) and then NK myself, leaving you all to argue it out amongst yourselves. That is, if I could get a kill in...
  3. And also I figured there would be no discussion if I was outright lynched however the sane need discussion to ascertain their target. I think that sums it up for my motivations. If not, I'll quadruple post.
  4. I.e I was backed into a corner so decided to have fun before I died. Oh well
  5. Hahaha. My persuasion skills. This is nothing. Might as well end this now. I was planning to out myself on the 2nd day I was trapped but I was trapped again. Clearly I'm the baddie. I still don't get how a trap blocks night kill when night 1 had no carrier in the night post nor were we asked to choose one. I was hoping nana could explain game design to kika. There are so many contradictions in the design that I planned to be replaced but never got around to it. Initially when I asked not to be blocked I just wanted to be not blocked and have no NK appear just to confuse everyone (i withheld nk last night) but I always planned to be lynched today. I said I was hypo to try to figure out the real hypo. All I can offer you, araver, is that hypo must be either plasmid or emjay. Bonanova seemed to weigh it as a possibility that mark was bad. Real hypo would know I was bad and can't risk me staying alive to kill them. Dee seemed to hint at liar. So either marks is hypo OR bona or dee are being crafty OR this whole game was a ruse and plasmid/hypo died n1 (oops). Aura votes for aura
  6. If there was a lie last night, doesn't that make liar alive? Sounds to me like dee hinted at liar when she appeared to try to clarify the np lie. Jay - what you going to claim? I'm so much in suspense!!!
  7. @bonanova - I don't WANT to be known as hypo but I'm not going to win anyway so may as well uncover some roles before I go. Plasmid is the only one whose role can be claimed. I kinda wish you didn't out your idea of who is who so we could see what marksmanjay said. I will tell what I know after marksmanjay speaks. /aura votes jay
  8. Yeah mark, who are you? The game and all Araver's hopes are resting on your reply.
  9. @araver - I don't understand your logic. Maybe this will help: I am no longer striving for my wincon. Right about now there is not much I want more than for the baddie to be lynched and for this game to be over. Right about the time I was framed as the kill by being trapped when n1 nk didn't have a carrier and I asked are kills blocking and found out they block if baddies get NK in before their target, I basically wanted out of this game. @bonanova - WHAT? I never refused to hint. I made a very clear claim. Second - with only two baddies that would be a terrible chance to take and has no real benefit. Third - I asked not to be blocked because I wanted to show that the NK is being withheld. When I'm not blocked yet no NK appears, it proves someone is withholding it as no person was blocked/trapped all 3 nights.
  10. One more thing- I had the perfect opportunity to save boquise's life on day 1 by voting. It is day 1, how much heat would a baddie get by voting for a goodie. If bad I could talk my way out of suspicion over breaking a tie when nobody would even realise boq was bad in the first place. It would be far better for me to vote and save boq than to refrain from voting and cut the baddies in half without even clearing me in the process. It just makes no sense for me not to vote to save him if I am bad. It makes sense for the other voters as they already committed and can't change tack but for me, I was coming in fresh.
  11. I know the above sounds empty but it isn't. Look at the roles. I refuse to drop any more hints. If you want to be daft it's not up to me to baby you.
  12. I haven't really been following along since I've been TRAPPED SO OFTEN! But it seems to me that the last baddie has to be either dee and/or someone inactive/withholding NK. If plasmid was in the game I'd think it was him because he is the only one crafty enough to withhold a kill to frame me when numbers wise he would be better off killing. Or Araver, is he still on the roster? Idk who else would do such a thing. This is my last chance to tell you DO NOT BLOCK ME. If I am not blocked and no NK occurs it proves someone has withheld the NK at some stage. We lost the trap so it is up to the block to block the kill. You will be disappointed when you see my role tomorrow. You understand, if I'm blocked and a NK occurs it prevents the bandwagon on me tomorrow and puts the baddie at risk of lynch. If I were them I wouldn't act, to ensure someone else is lynched. Hell, if I were ME I wouldn't act. If you all want to lynch me tomorrow go ahead. I probably won't defend any more after saying this now: Many of you will regret it if I am lynched.
  13. @araver and dee - I did put in an action last night. Actually when I said I was inactive, I meant that I hadnt been posting. I came in a few hours befire the end of day 1 but decided not to vote and see what happened. Then it was night and I didn't want to draw attention to myself by posting. I apologised for inactivity as I hadn't posted during the game but mark my words I acted last night and I will act again given the chance. There's really nothing more I can offer as far as info.
  14. Sorry for my inactivity. I forgot about this game. I'll return to my box now.
  15. I think most people would swear about it. Do you have a point?