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  1. Whats the difference between Active posts and posts?

    1. plainglazed


      The difference between "Posts" as seen below your avatar when you post in a thread and "Active Posts" as seen in your profile page is simply due to timing. "Posts" is a live count while your profile page is updated periodically.

  2. who gave me +1 repu today?? plz tell :)

    1. Anon26


      As no one is telling,

      Lemme say I did it..

  3. hey i made a guess to your death by shoes one. chek it out plz

  4. ur on fire! riddles after riddles :D

  5. posted 2 puzzles today :)

  6. i replied to "is this possible"

  7. someone plz give me a cool nickname :P

  8. a hat-trick of status starting with just :P

  9. just observed something :P

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    2. Guest


      what's up are u black or white if u are white i like white boy just telling u

    3. Guest


      and are crazy

    4. dark_magician_92


      i m not that black not much white :P

  10. just became an advanced member :)

  11. haha yeah buddy i am so happy to be zero.

  12. well there was a riddle and i couldnt get the answer, so i posted a spoiler, in which i wrote "oh no, i forgot the answer", and the next time i signed in, saw negative repo :(

  13. hey can u somehow tell me how u solved and thanks in advance

  14. no thanking me, lucky to find u :P

  15. how do we earn reputation??

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    2. dark_magician_92
    3. dark_magician_92


      looka at the irony, the day i came 2 know abt reputation, i found myself having negative reputation :(

  16. No need for thanking me and btw:-

    Wish u a very Happy New Year!!

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