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  1. Please join my gaming website! The link is: http://www.gamesinfoandnews.webs.com

  2. hey just 2 let u know ive cleaned up my friends list A LOT

  3. hi! i am back on again!!!!

    1. sparkyboy6


      im cleaning my friends list up a bit aswell

  4. 6 days until my B-day! (sorry missed 1 out!)

  5. 9 days until my B-day!

    1. sparkyboy6
    2. sparkyboy6


      (for each day the faces get happier lol)

  6. got more friends and its just 10 days until my B-day! :D

  7. nearly a junior member! :)

    1. sparkyboy6
    2. wolfgang


      no...I don`t know you...

      Do we knoe each other?

    3. sparkyboy6


      no i dont mean in real-life i mean from when i posted in ur forum post!

  8. my post got featured on the front page

  9. hi brainden is cool so im spreading the word!

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